What Is Multi Device Keyboard And Mouse

It is often distracting and time-consuming to switch between multiple desktop devices with different computer peripherals. Do you want to create one reliable central workstation for multiple monitor systems? Then, you have landed on the correct article explaining how you can conveniently set up a multi device keyboard and mouse system. 

These multi device wireless keyboard and multi device mouse setups are specifically designed to switch efficiently between two or more computers, monitor systems, or other compatible devices. As a result, managing multiple devices with these wireless keyboards and mouse has become easy. Besides, having a central setup for various devices makes your desktop look organised and spacious.

What Is a Multi Device Wireless Keyboard And Mouse?

Wireless input devices are increasingly occupying the desks of working professionals. They are versatile and relatively simple to set up and use. Most of Rapoo’s wireless keyboards and mouse support multi-device connectivity and can simultaneously connect to different devices. Besides, these wireless devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can also use the USB-based dongle to connect your keyboard and mouse to desktop systems wirelessly.

Benefits Of Having Multi-Device Keyword And Mouse

Having a wireless setup across your workstation has numerous benefits. A few of them are elaborated below:

1. Enhanced Productivity

Scroll through different web pages or a list of desktop apps on multiple computer systems with just a few clicks. Type efficiently on a full-size keyboard and sync it on different monitor systems. Switch as often as you wish without disturbing your workflow method.

2. Liberty To Move

Most wireless mouse and keyboards can be effectively used up to a distance of 10 meters. It is beneficial for navigating through presentations or collaborating with various monitor screens in a working environment. Users are not restricted to a particular location and can enjoy seamless multi-tasking using both devices across multiple display systems. 

3. Comfortable Use

Ergonomically designed mouse and keyboard give you support for extensive typing work. Whether you are a gamer or a workaholic professional, it is built to ensure your comfortability factor and prevent fatigue when typing for a long duration.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Setup

Get rid of the tangled wires or bulky desktop setup. With these wireless models, you can easily connect them across multiple devices depending on the connection type. Additionally, this setup looks clean and organised on your working desk. With numerous monitor screens occupying a large portion of your functional space, the multi device keyboard and multi device mouse will help you manage your desk better with other belongings.

5. Efficient Switching Between Multiple Devices

Easily switch between tablets, desktops, or laptops with a single click. You can pair Rapoo’s multi device keyboard and multi device mouse with up to 3 devices and be at the peak of your performance while working on different systems.

Best Multi-Device Keyboard And Multi Device Mouse

You can explore the following wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

1. Ralemo 9300M Multi Device Keyboard And Multi  Device Mouse Combo

It is a reliable choice to establish a multi device wireless connection via Bluetooth. You can switch between multiple devices with one click using this keyword and mouse combo. It has a strong battery life of up to 12 months. The keyboard is designed with an aluminium alloy base to give a smooth, hassle-free typing experience. 

2. Ralemo Air 1 Mouse

It is a multi device wireless mouse that you can use to connect across multiple devices and intelligently switch among them. Equipped with an eco-friendly rechargeable battery, it doesn’t require wired charging. Additionally, its silent switches reduce the click noise, helping you to direct your focus to the task at hand. 

3. Rapoo M500 Multi Device Mouse

This multi device mouse can be easily connected with up to 3 devices with its Bluetooth-enabled connectivity or wireless USB dongle. It is highly preferred among professionals who prefer a quiet working environment due to its silent micro-motion technology. Its ergonomic design suits users with small palm sizes without causing wrist pains. It is compatible with Windows, tablets, macbooks, laptops, and other devices.

4. Ralemo Pre 5 Multi Device Keyboard

If you prefer a quick response while typing, this multi device keyboard is the right choice. It is highly compatible with various devices and can easily switch between them. It supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect with different devices.


These wireless input models are a great way to boost your productivity and comfort levels at work across different devices. It allows you to type from a distance without compromising accuracy or speed. This wireless model is ideal if you are a designer, gamer, or coding professional who prefers a minimalist workstation spread across multiple devices. Browse through our collection of multi device keyboard and multi device mouse that can be connected across multiple devices.

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