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Gaming Headphones

The immersive sound experience is very crucial for a gaming headset. Rapoo’s wired and wireless gaming headsets range is designed for an advanced gaming experience. With years of research and experimentation, we deliver cutting-edge surround sound software quality with the most lightweight and comfortable headset to let you concentrate on getting the splendid shot.

Rapoo VH310 Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headphone Black

In stock

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 13.5 cm

Rapoo VH710 Gaming Headphone (Black)

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Rapoo VH610 Wired Gaming Headphone

Out of stock

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 14 cm

Advantages Of Gaming Headset

Let us give you an overview of the benefits of purchasing Rapoo’s gaming headset.


Crafted with 7.1 surround sound audio quality allows you never to miss a single detail of the game. The audio clarity of Rapoo’s VH610 is unmatched, as the advanced features will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. Be aware of gunshots, footsteps and proximity of other gamers, and other environmental cues with the powerful audio.

Style & Comfort

We have put considerable thought into designing our gaming headsets to match the vibe of gamers. We unquestionably have cracked the code of integrating cool LED backlight colors and offering the best comfort over the ears. Made with advanced and durable materials, the headband suspension will ensure that it prevents you from aches and sores even after prolonged usage.

Noise Cancellation Microphone

To help you concentrate on your game and enhance the quality of in-game sounds and music, the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelling) feature offers a riveting experience for casual and professional gamers. All our gaming headsets are equipped with ENC features for stable and clear voice communication with your teammates.

Gaming Headphones Price In India

Sr. No Gaming Headphones Gaming Headphones Price
1 Rapoo VH310 Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headset Black ₹1,799.00
2 Rapoo VH610 Wired Gaming Headset ₹3,199.00
3 Rapoo VH710 Gaming Headset (Black) ₹3,699.00

Types Of Gaming Headsets

Discover which Rapoo headset you should be gaming with. They are available in the following segments:

Wired Headset

Under this category, our VH710 is one of the most preferred headsets for gaming.
A wired headset that does not need any batteries. There is no hassle of charging. The premium headset’s audio output transmits directly from the cable, which does not cause a lag during a call or a game.

Wireless Headset

A wireless headset is designed to provide the convenience of playing games, watching movies, and listening to music on the go. Unwind and immerse yourself in high performance and comfort. Our headsets are perfect for marathon gaming sessions and with a suspension strap headband designed to be comfortable and adjustable, meaning less strain on your body and more time spent in comfort.

How Gaming Headset Works?

The premium range of gaming headsets is a perfect culmination of regular headphones with microphones achieved through design, superior technology, and advanced gaming features.
The new hardware and single point of technological innovation in the lightweight headset transmit electric signals and send them to the generating unit, which is processed and converted into mechanical vibration. Due to the vibration, it creates an audible signal.

How To Choose The Right Gaming Headset?

There are many brands and options available for gaming headsets. To choose the suitable headset, you must ask yourself the following questions so everything is clear before purchasing.

  1. What is your gaming platform?
  2. What is your personal preference: wireless or wired headset
  3. What additional features are you looking for in your gaming headset?
  4. Determine the weight and material for durability and longevity.
  5. Determine the price points and your budget.
  6. What kind of aesthetics and color options do you like?

Let us help you elaborate on these questions for better understanding.

Determine The Gaming Platform

This is one of the most important factors when choosing the right gaming headset. The most common gaming platforms are Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Our range of headsets, like VH310, is compatible with all gaming consoles and platforms.

Type of Gaming Headset

Decide the type of connection you want for your gaming experience between wired or wireless headsets. Both these types of connections have their own pros and cons. Wireless headsets are a little pricier than wired headsets; on the other hand, a wired gaming headset can restrict your movement due to a cable wire.
Also, we would like to point out that wireless headsets have short battery life, which means you will have to keep them charged at all times. But, on the other hand, with a wired headset, you can plug and play without worrying about the battery.

Microphone & Audio Output

Background sound gives gamers an edge, so select a headset with the best audio output. Select between stereo, virtual surround sound, and 3D dimensional sound. With a Virtual Surround headset, the audio is preprocessed to make it sound like it's coming from various sources. 3D sound is not compatible with all gaming platforms currently. Another property you must look for is the built-in microphone which provides the best noise-canceling quality for games and call.


If you are investing in a high-end gaming headset, the quality of the materials and the weight should be comfortable for long hours of gaming. The headband must be of good quality, its structure must be durable, and it should not be prone to breakage.
Another tip we recommend is to check the material of the earcups. They are made of foam, leather, and velour. Comfort is also a priority, so cushioning must be thick to provide better comfort to avoid ear pain and hearing damage.


Gamers do give a preference to appearance. Most games are indoors, so the design and color choices are personal preferences. Attractive RGB LED lights resonate with the gaming headset, which compliments the style and energy of the gamers.

How To Use Gaming Headset?

Depending on the type of gaming headset you have, the working mechanism will differ because a Bluetooth wireless headset will have a few more additional steps to plug and play.

  1. If you own a wired headset, check the connection type: 3.5mm for audio and microphone, USB cable, and HDMI connection.
  2. Locate the port on the PC or the laptop and plug your headset into the PC.

Configuring a wired headset is the easiest. For wireless headsets, follow the instructions to connect the headset to a Windows PC

  1. Firstly, the PC or the laptop must have Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. Open the Bluetooth settings, turn on the Bluetooth, tap to add a new device, search for the name of the headset, and pair the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Need Of Gaming Headphones?

The primary purpose of a gaming headset is to provide clear, crisp audio over traditional headphones with better sound quality and additional features like noise canceling, LED lights, and comfort in contrast to regular headphones. For pro gamers look, and aesthetics of a headphone are also equally important.

Q2. Are Gaming Headset Good For Everyday Use?

Yes, if they are made of high-quality, durable material with thick cushioning and prevent neck and ear pain, you can use a gaming headset daily.

Q3. Are Gaming Headsets Universal?

No, not all brand manufactures universal gaming headsets. Some are compatible with Playstation, PC, and Xbox, while others might not be with a gaming platform. Usually, universal headsets are expensive to work across all consoles and platforms.

Q4. Do Headsets Improve Gaming?

Yes, as the name suggests, gaming headsets are specifically designed to elevate the sound and audio experience for gamers. It delivers the best noise-canceling properties not to miss any sound during a game.

Q5. How Long Should Gaming Headset Last?

It can last from a few months to years because the shelf life of a gaming headset depends on various factors, like the quality of materials used in headbands or earcups, hardware compatibility, usage, maintenance, and storage.

Q6. What Is The Best Frequency For Gaming Headset?

The frequency should be between 12Hz to 28Hz. However, 12Hz is considered too lower and soft frequency. The correct frequency can be 20-28Hz.

Q7. What Materials Are Gaming Headsets?

Cheap-quality headsets will be made of plastic. In contrast, premium gaming headsets are built with soft memory forms for comfort and aluminum frames to construct headbands for a sturdy, durable headset.

Q8. Do Gaming Headsets Work On Laptops?

A wireless headset or a dongle USB can work well with a laptop. Also, most modern laptops have a single 3.5mm port connection for a microphone and headphones for a wired headset.