How To Turn On Laptop Keyboard Light

While using a laptop at night, you can face problems typing out because of the darkness. In this situation, knowing how to turn on laptop keyboard light is a savior for you. Enabling the light on the laptop is super easy. You either need to press key combinations or just a hotkey sometimes. This blog has your back if you don’t know what keys to press to turn on the backlit. 

How To Turn On Light On Laptop Keyboard? 

Before you try to turn on the light on a laptop keyboard, note that the backlit function keys for each laptop are different, and so are the key combinations. So you need to look through the key settings to know what keycap performs what. 

Usually, it’s the F7 hotkey that enables the backlit on the laptop. For that, you must press the Fn + F7 at the same time. Once you press the keys, the backlit will turn on but with a dim light. If you want to increase the brightness, press the keys again. If not, you can use the F5, F9, and F11 based on the laptop’s model. 

Note that not every laptop has a backlit feature on the keyboard. So, in that case, these keys won’t work on your laptop if the feature is unavailable. The best way to determine whether your computer has a backlit key is to look for the icon with three boxes with light rays extended from the left side.  

What To Do If My Laptop Keyboard Light Doesn’t Turn On? (Windows)

Since the backlit feature isn’t on all laptops, there’s a possibility that your laptop doesn’t have it too. This is one of the reasons why you cannot access the backlit feature. But for confirmation, you must check your keyboard settings once and see whether you have it. Here are the steps to know how to do it:

  • Press the window + X key and choose the mobility center. 
  • Navigate to the keyboard brightness, and drag the slide to the right to set the brightness. (If you see the keyboard brightness option on the screen.)

How To Light The Keyboard Of Laptop? (Mac)

If you are a Mac user and don’t know what key to turn the laptop keyboard light, you must look through the keyboard settings. The steps for Mac are different from those mentioned above. Here’s the guide to lighting up the keyboard of a Mac device:

  • Firstly, click on the Apple icon and choose the system preferences. 
  • Next, select the keyboard option to turn on the lights. 
  • Now, tick the check box of “adjust keyboard light in low light.” 
  • Also, tick the check box to “turn keyboard backlight off after x seconds.” This option is mainly for the time you aren’t typing. 

After setting it up, use the keys mentioned on the screen to access the backlight. You will also see “Use F1, F2, etc., keys as standard function keys” on the screen. Ensure not to tick the checkbox of this option. Because if you would, you must press the function key (Fn) with the backlit keys to enable the lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Know If My Laptop Keyboard Has Light?

To know whether your laptop keyboard has a backlit, look for the key with an illumination icon. The backlit key is mainly located at the top among the function keys. 

Q2. Do Laptops Need Backlit Keyboards?

You wouldn’t require a laptop backlit if you are working under excessive lights. However, working without a keyboard’s light at night can be hectic. You will need the backlit keyboards to work in the darkness.  

Q3. How To Adjust Laptop Keyboard Light Brightness? 

There are two ways to adjust the keyboard light. You can double-click the illumination keys to regulate the brightness or change it under the keyboard settings. Here are the steps to do it:

  • First, navigate to the settings menu and head to the keyboard properties. 
  • Now click on the backlight options at the top and move the slider to adjust the brightness. 


Hotkeys are used to enable the keyboard’s light. However, in some cases, the spacebar can do the job too. You can quickly find the key with a backlit icon to know what key is being used to access backlit. Now that you know how to turn on laptop keyboard light, search for the keys and enable it whenever you want.


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