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Gaming Mouse

Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic gaming mouse or one with programmable buttons, Rapoo has a gaming mouse that fits the needs of any gamer perfectly. A gaming mouse should be a high-performing device that provides gamers with improved accuracy, better click rates and precision.

Advantages Of Gaming Mouse


Gaming mice are designed to improve accuracy while playing games. Games that require a higher level of precision can be easily played with a good-quality gaming mouse. Mouse with higher DPI (Dots Per Inch) rates will be better at precision due to greater sensitivity.

Improved Performance

Gaming mice improve your overall performance in gaming. Games that require more control can be played easily with a gaming mouse. These mice are built using materials made for a higher performance that can support scrolling, clicking and moving for longer hours.


Gaming mice come in loads of designs that suit the use of every gamer. Ergonomic mouse designs support playing games for extended periods without straining your wrists. These mice are made to fit the folds of a human hand perfectly. Ergonomic Gaming mouse price starts from ₹999 on Rapoo India.

Customised Buttons

The latest gaming mice have customised programmable buttons to have better control over gameplay. These configurable buttons may be used to execute other actions in various games. Rapoo’s V360has 7 programmable buttons to give gamers excellent command over their gameplay.

Longer Playhours

These mice support long play hours as they do not run out of battery. Wired or wireless, these gaming mice are built for playing hours without showing any discrepancies. In the case of wireless mice, high-powered batteries are added, or they have an energy conservation feature to avoid any disturbance in gameplay.

Gaming Mouse Price In India

Sr. NoGaming MouseGaming Mouse Price
1Rapoo V16 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse₹999.00
2Rapoo VT30 Gaming Mouse (Black)₹2,499.00
3Rapoo VT200 Dual-Mode (Wired / Wireless) Gaming Mouse₹2,699.00
4Rapoo V360 – IR Gaming Optical Mouse₹2,899.00
5Rapoo VT300S Ergonomic Gaming Mouse₹3,999.00

Types Of Gaming Mouse

Shooter Mice

The simple and most common type, Shooter mice, are conventional left-button mice. These gaming mice have a regular two-button feature with additional thumb buttons for better control in gaming. Expensive shooter mice have an extra “sniper” button that lowers DPI for super-sensitive shots.


Massively Multiplayer Online or MOBA mice are handy when playing multiplayer games. These have loads of additional buttons near the thumb allowing easier access and better control over gaming commands. They have weight control and better sensors for precision, faster action and reduced hand strain.

Mobile Mice

Gaming laptops are usually paired with mobile mice that are easier to carry. They are smaller, portable versions of a standard gaming mouse. Usually wireless, these mice can be easily manoeuvred by applying less force and have high-performing batteries.

Ambidextrous Mice

Ambidextrous mouse does have a specific orientation and can be operated using either hand. These mice are designed to fit both hands and have all the features of a shooter mouse. They are great options for gamers who want to switch between two hands during the gameplay. Rapoo’s V16 wired optical gaming mouse is the perfect fit for gamers who want to own an ambidextrous ergonomic mouse.

How Gaming Mouse Works?

Gaming mice work just like any other regular mice. However, they additionally have sensitive sensors that detect even the slightest motion. This is extremely helpful in gaming as games requiring higher movement accuracy and shooting can be played more easily.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse?

  • Use: Choose a gaming mouse that fits your purpose. You can use a shooter mouse for simple gameplay and accuracy, or complex games; you can switch to an MMO mouse.
  • Grip Style: Selecting the mouse that suits your grip style will make you more comfortable during gaming. You can choose between a palm, claw, or tip grip mouse design. The more suitable your grip will be, the easier it is to handle the mouse.
  • DPI: Invest in a mouse with a higher dots per inch rate (DPI). The higher the rate, the more sensitive your mouse will be. This will help in capturing even the slightest motion.
  • Poll Rate: Look for higher poll rates like 1000Hz or 500Hz in a mouse. This indicates that your mouse will respond quickly to mouse movements.
  • Tracking Speed: Get a gaming mouse with a higher tracking speed. However, it is essential to note that the mouse should simultaneously be faster and more accurate. That’s why one should look for higher DPI rates.
  • Wired or Wireless: Gaming mice come in wired or wireless versions. Both of them are reliable and durable for gaming. However, many gamers prefer wired mice as they show faster response times and don’t get latency delays as they are directly connected to the PC.

How To Use A Gaming Mouse?

Steps to connect a wired gaming mouse to your PC:
  1. Connect your mouse's USB wire to your PC's USB port.
  2. Let your PC detect the new device
  3. Install drivers. (this happens manually for most latest gaming mice)
  4. Check the working of your mouse.
Steps to connect a wireless gaming mouse>
  1. Insert the receiver/ BT adapter into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Open settings and go to the Devices section
  3. In “Bluetooth & devices”, Turn on your BT
  4. Click on “Add devices”
  5. Now under “Add a Device”, select “Bluetooth”
  6. Select your device.
Remember, keep your gaming mouse on and in pairing mode to connect successfully.

Using A Gaming Mouse

  • Position your mouse correctly at a comfortable distance for your hands and wrists.
  • Change the DPI settings. Use a mouse with adjustable DPI. Most gaming mice have two buttons for DPI settings which will help you adjust your mouse's sensitivity to movement.
  • Change the command on programmable buttons, and customise them for better control.
  • Use a good quality mouse pad to support your gaming mouse’s performance and durability.

Gaming Mouse Price In India

In considering the price of gaming mouse price in India, the primary factor is the specific type the user desires. For regular use, a mouse boasting quality RGB lighting and sturdy build often becomes the go-to option for its practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is special about a gaming mouse?

The gaming mouse has several features that make it unique, including programmable buttons, high-performing sensors, ultra-light designs, and configurable sensitivity.

Q2. What makes a gaming mouse better?

The gaming mouse comes with customisable features like softwares and buttons, giving gamers great control over their games.

Q3. What do you need in a gaming mouse?

Gamers need to look for essential specs like higher DPI, better sensor, greater poll rate, programmable buttons, and ergonomic design in the gaming mouse.

Q4. Are gaming mouses good for work?

Gaming mice can be configured to perform simple macro tasks, this makes them very helpful in games or monotonous work activities.

Q5. How many buttons does a gaming mouse have?

The number of buttons is up to your preference. However, most gaming mice have a minimum of 5 buttons.

Q6. Are gaming mouses wireless?

Gaming mice come in wired and wireless designs, so gamers can choose whatever suits them the best.

Q7. Why do gaming mouses have side buttons?

Gaming mice have side buttons that can be programmed to do any small input task like switching through webpages or any game command.

Q8. Are gaming mouses more sensitive?

Gaming mice are more sensitive because they have higher DPI rates (4000 or above) to detect and react to the slightest motion.