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Gaming Keyboard

Equipped with a sturdy and portable design, Rapoo’s wide range of exclusive gaming keyboards is suitable for desktop and laptop gaming. Its tactile mechanical switches facilitate efficient key presses, resulting in absolute comfort. Gear up for the ultimate gaming experience and scale the intensity of the gamer within you.

Advantages Of Gaming Keyboard

No wonder the type of keyboard you use can significantly enhance or hinder your gaming performance. Using an exclusive gaming keyboard can have numerous advantages.


Sentiments run high during intense gaming sessions, and you may hit the keys repeatedly with rapid force. It leads to wearing out or even breaking of the usual membrane keyboards. But gaming keyboards are built to withstand extreme force while hitting the keys. The keys are of superior quality and have a long shelf life. Gaming Keyboard price starts from ₹2,199 on Rapoo India.

Quick Response And Precision

The keys of a gaming keyboard enable you to type faster than the usual keyboards. You only need to press the keys lightly for the keyboard to respond. Combined with anti-ghosting technology, it increases your efficiency dramatically when different keys are pressed simultaneously. Besides, the light tapping force reduces stressful hand fatigue while gaming.

Simple Clean-Up And Repair

It is easier to clean a gaming keyboard than a membrane keyboard since the keycaps of a gaming keyboard can be disassembled. Even if you encounter typing problems with a particular key, you can easily detach it to diagnose its issue. If any key gets damaged, simply replace it with a new key.

Improved Controls And Comfortable To Use

The mechanical keys make it much easier for you to control your movements in the gaming session. A better degree of control translates into better response time, making you less prone to making errors in the game. Besides, the shape of gaming keyboards is made to fit your hands so you can engage in longer gaming sessions without hurting your wrists.

Types Of Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are ideal for gaming purposes. It is available in a combination of different switch types, providing its unique gaming experience. Based on your requirements, a mechanical keyboard can be slightly expensive, but its experience is worth the investment.

Membrane Keyboards

A membrane keyboard can be used for both gaming and professional uses. It features a rubber dome switch. They might be slightly budget friendly than mechanical keyboards, but they provide a mediocre gaming experience.

Hybrid Keyboards

This type of gaming keyboard falls in between a membrane keyboard and premium mechanical keyboards. You still get the tactile, clicky feeling, but not as prominent as a mechanical keyboard, when you press its keys. Besides, it stands out from the membrane keyboard when RGB lighting is added to a Hybrid keyboard, making it another budget-friendly alternative.

Gaming Console Keyboards

This is a preferred choice among console gamers who do not have the space to accommodate a mechanical, membrane, or hybrid keyboard along with a gaming mouse. Only the important keys are included in gaming console keyboards. Its size is just one-third or half of the usual mechanical gaming keyboards.

How Gaming Keyboard Works?

All types of gaming keyboards have similar working mechanisms.

Mechanical Keyboards

  • It features spring-loaded mechanical switches under each key.
  • When you press the key, the switch closes and sends the electrical signal to the PC.
  • When you release the key, the force of the spring pushes it back to its original position.

Rubber Dome Keyboards

  • Rubber domes cover each key in the membrane layer.
  • When you press the key, the dome flexes downwards, causing the inner surface to close the circuit. It is coated with graphite.
  • When you release your hold from the key, the tension in the rubber dome pushes it back to its normal position.

How To Choose The Right Gaming Keyboard?

Getting the perfect setup for your gaming session is crucial for a memorable experience. There are a few factors to consider when selecting a gaming keyboard.


Gaming keyboards come in different sizes. The right size will depend on your comfort level. They could be full-size or tenkeyless. A full-size keyboard is the usual mechanical keyboard, whereas a tenkeyless keyboard is a smaller-sized keyboard that does not have a number pad.

Material Quality And Technology

Gaming keyboards should provide you with years of reliable performance. A gamer may cause some damage to the keyboard from repeated forceful keypresses. Therefore you must choose one made with durable parts and high-quality switches. An aluminium keyboard is lightweight, durable, and has an appealing look.


Gaming keyboards are either wired or wireless. Wired keyboards can be connected directly to your PC using a USB cable, whereas a wireless keyboard requires Bluetooth connectivity. A wired keyboard is ideal if you can manage cables, whereas a wireless keyboard is recommended if you constantly change places while playing the game.

Anti-Ghosting Feature

Anti-Ghosting technology is a must-have feature in a gaming keyboard. This feature successfully registers multiple key presses simultaneously. Gamers can enhance their gaming experience with Rapoo’s gaming keyboards, which are equipped with built-in Anti-Ghosting features.

How To Use Gaming Keyboard Effectively?

Undoubtedly a gaming keyboard can make or break your experience.

Memorise Keyboard Finger Placements

Memorising the exact location or keys will boost your gaming experience. Be assured that you will press the right keys while immersed in the game.

Tilt Your Keyboard

Tilting your keyboard allows more room for your mouse. The extra space allows you to lower the sensitivity and improve the accuracy in FPS-based games. Placing the keyboard tilted is also simpler and makes you more comfortable to immerse in a gaming session.

Consistent Settings Game-to-Game

Keep each keyboard setting consistent regardless of the game to hone your accuracy skills and have complete control of the game.

Gaming Keyboard Price In India

When evaluating the gaming keyboard price in India, the type the user prefers plays a significant role. For everyday use, keyboards with robust RGB and build quality frequently stand out for their practicality and value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions For Gaming Keyboard

Q1. How Long Do Gaming Keyboards Last?

A good quality mechanical keyboard can last up to 10 years or more, depending on your use. The switches are designed for 50+ million keystrokes, and if you are willing to repair any part as it breaks, it can last even longer.

Q2. How Is Gaming Keyboard Better?

Gaming keyboard offers high speed, increased precision, durability, minimised ghosting, and simultaneous key rollover support, which makes them a better choice over the usual membrane keyboards.

Q3. Do Gaming Keyboards Help You Type Faster?

The tactile and audio feedback mechanism in gaming keyboards can let you feel the pressing of keystrokes even with the slightest effort and improve your typing speed. Besides, it makes your gaming experience more fun and comfortable.

Q4. How Do You Maintain A Gaming Keyboard?

Regularly clean your gaming keyboard by wiping off the dust particles on its surface and the spaces between the keys. Remove the keys, wipe them with a cloth, and put them back once you are done. You can do this often based on the nature of the gaming setup.

Q5. Are Gaming Keyboards Noisy?

Gaming keyboards have mechanical switches as actuators under each key. These switches produce a clicky sound when pressed. This makes the gaming keyboards slightly louder than the usual membrane keyboards.

Q6. How Many Keys Are On A Gaming Keyboard?

The exact number of keys in a gaming keyboard is determined by the model and the functionality they bring to the PC. However, on average, a gaming keyboard has 110 to 115 keys.

Q7. What Switch Is Better For Gaming Keyboard?

By default, mechanical keyboards are well-suited for playing PC games. However, if you are playing a game that requires high-accuracy actions, linear switches may give you an edge.

Q8. Are Gaming Keyboards Wireless?

Gaming keyboards are also available in a wireless format that are as better as their wired counterparts.