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Audio Devices

Audio devices significantly elevate the quality of the gaming or music streaming experience. Whether you are an intense gamer or a working professional, Rapoo’s vast array of audio devices is designed to give you the most immersive sound experience at work or play.

Advantages Of Audio Devices

Audio devices allow users to listen to different media like CDs and audio files.

Convenient Connectivity

Modern-day audio devices can easily connect to a desktop or gaming console system. Whether you prefer our wireless portable speaker or wired stereo headset, be assured to dive into a different world of audio by simply connecting it with your Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Rapoo’s audio devices are renowned for their high-power playback system designed to enjoy incredible sound quality. The intelligent suspension design of H100 Plus helps gamers to adapt to the long duration of gaming sessions.

Highly Portable

The external audio devices are highly compact in design, which makes them easy to store and move from one location to another. Whether you are in the middle of a travel trip or sitting in the comfort of your home, these devices can be used according to your preferences.

Increased Productivity

Wired or wireless audio devices allow you to multitask while relaxing or being involved in work. Rapoo’s S120 neckband Bluetooth earphones have an ergonomic design and have over 7 hours of continuous play.

Types Of Audio Devices


These wired audio output devices connect to a computer or laptop through a 3.5 mm jack, allowing you to keep your hands free while communicating over a call or listening to audio while immersed in a gaming session. Also available in wireless designs, it consists of a headset and a microphone at the end of the bracket or cord.

Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones work on the latest RF technology, where the audio device receives wirelessly transmitted signals from the paired audio sources. Rapoo’s S120 Neckband Bluetooth earphones have an ergonomic design and can play audio continuously for up to 7 hours.


Speakers are the most common form of audio devices that connect to a computer or smartphone to produce sound. They are available in wireless and wired mediums. Backed with high-power playback systems, it allows you to enjoy superior-quality audio while engrossed at work or a game.


Unlike an individual output device, amplifiers are used in music equipment, computers, and other audio devices to boost the signal strength of audio received from the source, resulting in a better output.

How do Audio Devices Work?

Audio devices are built with different types of components, like transducers, electrical circuits, and other electronic components. These components help convert the audio signal into an electrical signal and then into sound energy. Devices like microphones convert sound energy into audio signals or electrical signals on the transmitter side. An audio amplifier amplifies the sound signal. Audio systems capable of multi-tasking are built with a combination of different types of single-tasking audio devices.

How To Choose The Right Audio Device?

A good pair of audio devices improve the quality of the sound experience in a gaming session. The factors stated here will help you make the right choice while choosing the right audio device.

Intended Use

Do you need the audio device while travelling, working out, gaming sessions, or simply listening to music while working? Your purpose of use is highly significant before choosing a suitable audio device.

Wired Or Wireless Device

This is a highly personal choice, but always choose according to your needs. Audio devices like headphones and headsets are available in both wired and wireless formats. Both these types have their own pros and cons. Wired headphones are recommended if you sit at your desk for long hours immersed in your work. However, if you enjoy freedom of movement, go ahead with wireless headphones.

Additional Accessories

You can explore the option of purchasing additional music accessories like cable, stands, and headphone amplifiers. At the end of the day, the choice is completely subjective, and it all depends on your budget and purpose of use.

How To Use Audio Devices?

Wired Headsets

Connect your headsets to your PC’s USB 3.0 port or your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack and enjoy an immersive music experience.

Wireless Headsets

Switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity and pair your wireless headsets or headphones. Pairing is required only once when your use the audio device with your smartphone or PC for the first time. Later, it connects itself automatically once the smartphone or PC is in the vicinity of the audio device.


Speakers work in a similar fashion to wireless headsets. Switch on the Bluetooth of the speaker and connect it to your smartphone or PC. Rapoo speakers are known for their simple setup and stable connection with Bluetooth 5.0. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Audio Devices

Q1. What Is The Use Of Audio Devices?

Audio Devices enable users to listen to a wide variety of media files on a computer. These devices could either be included internally or externally.

Q2. What Are Different Audio Devices?

Microphones, radio receivers, CD players, Amplifiers, Speakers, Bluetooth earphones, and headsets are the different types of audio devices.

Q3. What Are The Two Types Of Audio Systems?

There are three main types of audio systems, namely, Mono, stereo, and surround audio systems.

Q4. What Are the Components Of Audio?

Audio components include devices that produce and reproduce sound. These devices include microphones, tape recorders, radio receivers, headphones, headsets, speakers, and many more.

Q5. What Are The 5 Characteristics Of Audio?

An audio signal has 5 main characteristics: wavelength, amplitude, frequency, time period, and velocity.

Q6. How Do Audio Systems Work?

Audio systems convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy compresses air and converts it into sound energy. 

Q7. What Is The Most Common Audio?

The MP3/M4A is the most common audio file format that made music easy to send back and forth in listenable audio quality.

Q8. What Improves Audio Quality?

The best way to enhance the audio quality is by eliminating the background noise. If you want to increase the audio listening quality, you can do so with the help of a noise-reduction headset that eliminates unnecessary background noise.