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Video Conference Camera

Rapoo video conference cameras are designed with the most modern features like excellent compatibility, pan, tilt, and zooming abilities, which make conferencing smoother. Built to give the best quality of videos during meetings, these cameras will provide you with a whole new experience of virtual meetings.

Advantages Video Conference Camera

Improving Connectivity

Improve networking using Rapoo’s video conference cameras. These cameras are installed to enhance the overall connectivity in corporations. Online meetings are more accessible to execute using a video conferencing camera. This is because online and offline teams have a better communication platform.

Efficient Approach

Video conference cameras allow professionals to hold meetings conveniently with other professionals. Connecting to other teams of the same corporation has become smoother with features like high-quality video and audio conferencing. Professionals don’t have to travel and can comfortably hold their meetings from their workplace.

Enhances Productivity

Rapoo C1612 boosts productivity through features like Intelligent noise reduction, contributing to the best audio quality during meetings. Best video conference cameras have features that promote uninterrupted connectivity and the best video quality.

Better Screen Sharing Opportunities

The latest video conference cameras have newly updated softwares that allows users to host meetings and share screens much faster. With this convenient approach, employees can systematically put across their views and strategies without hassle.

Types Of Video Conference Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ cameras are the most preferred type of video conference camera. They offer the highest-quality videos and have a special feature of panning the camera towards the speaking individuals. Rapoo C1620 is an impressive PTZ camera with the highest resolution with its premium lens.


Webcams are another type of video conference camera that can be utilized for more personalised use. These cameras are focused on individual use and cover less wider lens angle. Rapoo C280 is one of the best webcams on the market, known for its higher resolution and 85 degree wide view.

How Video Conference Camera Work?

Video conference cameras capture images in real-time and transmit them through the use of the internet. These cameras are connected using a cable that is attached to the CPU through a USB port. The images are captured in real-time through the small lens of the webcam, which has minuscule light detectors in the image sensing detector. This image sensor or detector captures and quickly processes the image and converts it into a digital format that can be transmitted.

How To Choose Video Conference Camera?


Video conference cameras have the ability to capture videos of the highest quality. The latest video conference cameras have HD, Ultra HD, and 4K quality resolution for the best video conferencing experience. The best video conference camera with 4K UHD Resolution is Rapoo C5305. This cameras allow users to have a smooth and clear meeting experience that makes every participant seen.


Check whether your video conference camera is compatible with all the hosting platforms, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, is essential. Also, you can see whether the webcam or conferencing camera is compatible with the devices you want to host your meeting through.

Room Space

The most important factor in determining the type of video conference camera you want to buy is the space of your meeting room. The size of your conference room, the seating arrangement, and other similar factors determine what kind of conferencing equipment you must invest in. Small webcams are perfect for individual or two-person use, while wide-lens video conference cameras are ideal for hosting office team meetings.

Price Range

Setting a budget and sticking to it is another factor to consider. Video conference cameras come in all price ranges. The price range differs depending on the features and kind of resolution you’re looking for.

How To Use Video Conference Camera?

Depending on the type of video conference camera you have, the connection may vary.
Most of the latest video conferencing webcams are wireless, allowing you to connect with the plug-and-use option. They come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect them with any BT device. You need to connect the cable to your smart TV or laptop for wired video conferencing
cameras. Two or more cables, usually a USB cable and a NET cable, need to be connected to the USB port of your computer or TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Video Conferencing Solutions?

Video conferencing solutions are the devices and softwares that make video conferencing easy and convenient. Video conferencing solutions include webcams, microphones and virtual meeting softwares like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. How high should be a video conferencing camera? The conferencing camera should be at least 1.83 meters for proper view during meetings. If gone higher, it will give bird eye view.

What is the difference between a webcam and a video conference camera?

Webcams are designed to capture a single person through the lens. In contrast, a video conference camera captures a wider angle, ideal for conference meetings.

Do video conference camera have built-in microphones?

Most video conference cameras have built-in microphones that capture sound when in use. But users can connect separate microphones for better audio quality if required.

How do I connect a video conference camera to my computer?

Most video conference cameras have USB cables that must be inserted into the computer's USB port for connecting.