What Is DPI In Mouse?

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure to encompass mouse sensitivity. So, let us further understand in detail what DPI means on a mouse and what the use of DPI in a mouse is. 

DPI is one of the many features of a mouse, apart from the aesthetics and additional features that one looks for in a mouse. So, depending on your usage and preference, you must know what does a DPI do even if you use the most basic mouse on a desktop or laptop. 

If you want to upgrade your mouse, knowing which one to pick is essential based on the parameters we will explain in this guide. So, you can take this blog as a beginner’s guide to learning what is the best DPI for gaming and what is DPI in mouse used for. Therefore, let’s get started. 

What Does DPI Mean On A Mouse And Why Is It Important?

Dots per inch are the mouse’s sensitivity, a unit of measurement to determine the speed of the cursor on-screen. Every mouse comes with a DPI count. For example, the most economical mouse used in the office comes with 800-1600 DPI. A higher DPI allows the mouse to move faster, and a mouse with a low DPI will make the mouse move slower.

Simply put, a higher DPI means quicker and more responsive cursor movements. At the same time, a low DPI would mean slow, finer, and more precise cursor movements. Therefore, it depends on the kind of work you do, and depending on that, you can choose the correct DPI. For example, a graphic designer’s DPI would be different than a gamer’s. 

How Does DPI Affect Gaming Performance?

DPI affects speed and sensitivity. But a lot depends on the monitor and the operating system you use. For example, some mice come with adjustable DPI, while the standard ones do not. You can only change the mouse’s pointer speed on Windows desktops and laptops. 

There are numerous factors to consider when determining your mouse’s DPI, including its weight, size, hand size, mousepad, grasp technique, and in-game sensitivity. Ultimately, you should choose the mouse that is comfortable and suits the best according to your needs. 

Since the sensor can detect more pixels per inch, the greater the number, the more accurate the sensor is. Although the optimal DPI for gaming ultimately depends on the player, a higher DPI has several advantages over a lower DPI. Increasing the DPI makes the mouse more responsive and accurate.

So, what is the best DPI for gaming? A DPI range of 400-3600 is suitable for most gamers. The optimal DPI setting changes depending on the game’s genre, the player’s preferences, and the monitor’s native resolution. What is adjustable DPI on mouse? Rapoo’s V360 IR Gaming mouse is a perfect example of an adjustable DPI suitable for competitive gaming between 200-6200 DPI. 

There are several ways to change the DPI, such as via the mouse’s settings or a quick-access button. Changing the DPI is a simple process that can be done by pressing a button on the latest version of the mouse. Many mice have a dedicated button on the main body to switch between different DPI settings. Thanks to the graphic indications next to each option, you can see the current DPI settings at a glance.

Our renowned VT200 dual-mode gaming mouse can switch between wired and wireless features and change the DPI setting. This switch lets you discover your ideal setting per your usage and gaming preferences. 


So, now that you are aware of what is DPI in mouse, you can select a gaming mouse with particular features in it. Having a DPI that can be adjusted means you may experiment with different settings until they discover what works best for you. Rapoo’s VT300S is an ergonomic-friendly design with 10 programmable buttons and multiple backlight options. These are some additional features you must focus on grip style and mouse weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much DPI Does Mouse Need?

Generally, most computers would have a DPI of 800 for everyday use. But, for gamers and graphic designers, a high DPI resolution, between 800-1600, is ideal for first-person shooter games to move across quickly. 

Q2. Does DPI Change Anything?

A higher DPI changes the pointer speed and mouse sensitivity. So this means it will affect how fast your mouse cursor moves across the screen. 

Q3. How To Improve Mouse DPI?

You can change or adjust the mouse DPI in Windows 10 by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Select Bluetooth and devices
  4. Tap on Mouse
  5. Drag the slider to the highest speed of the mouse pointer speed to improve the DPI. 

Q4. Is DPI Different For Every Mouse?

Yes, every mouse DPI will vary from the other. Depending on the mouse and the usage, a standard DPI will be 800, and a gaming mouse can be between 800-1600. 

Q5. Does DPI Affect Accuracy?

Yes, the accuracy will affect depending on whether the mouse has a higher DPI or lower. A higher DPI results in faster movements on the screen, while a lower DPI will result in slower precise movements. 

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