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Wired Keyboard

Rapoo’s wired keyboards are efficient, modern, and versatile, with many other great specifications. Their spill-resistant design makes them durable. They have ergonomic designs with the latest tech features like multimedia hotkeys and plug-and-play systems. These wired keyboards can be paired with any type of PC for smooth functioning. 

Benefits of Wired Keyboard

Fastest Reactions

Faster reaction times are the significant reason why many users stick to wired keyboards. Since there is no connectivity interface other than a plug-in wire, they have the fastest reactions. Gamers always prefer having an excellent wired keyboard to avoid facing any kind of struggle while playing.


When compared with wireless keyboards, wired are less expensive and more on the affordability end. A good sturdy keyboard with desired preferences can be found in a low-budget range. Rapoo NK1800 is the best choice in the market for an affordable but good-quality keyboard. With a spill-resistant design, this keyboard has an anti-oxidation sealed membrane that gives it a long life making it highly cost-effective.

Low Latency

The time to process the information is a few milliseconds, and even this difference is crucial for gamers. Wired keyboards have the lowest latency rate as they directly connect to the PC without external interference.


Wired keyboards eliminate the risk of running out of batteries or charging. They turn out to be the best option for office workspaces and other projects that take long hours and non-stop usage. Rapoo’s NK2000 is one such reliable companion for many users. With its long-lasting battery, there’s no fearing of it running out of battery and obstructing your work.

Types Of Wired Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are designed like old-fashioned typewriters based on the QWERTY layout that gives out that crisp click sound. This keyboard type is significant because each key has individual springs and switches, resulting in better performance and typing. They are highly durable and have better features when compared with rubber dome keyboards.
GK500 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Rapoo’s top mechanical keyboard with wonderful features like high-speed response, aluminium surface, and individually backlit keys.

Backlit Keyboards

Backlit keyboards are ones with keys that have LED lights giving users ease of typing in the dark. Traditional keyboards and even gaming keyboards have this functionality. Rapoo has a range of backlit keyboards in the gaming section, perfect for every gamer. These keyboards have individual RGB backlit keys that are adjustable.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are futuristic ones designed to lower the stress on the human body because of constant typing. These keyboards reduce the pressure put on wrist and body posture that arise from long typing hours. Ergonomic keyboards prevent RSI, a musculoskeletal problem caused by prolonged periods of typing. The design of these keyboards assists wrists as they have additional padding for support.

Gaming Keyboard

Designed for gamers, these keyboards have an ergonomic design with other additional elements. They have backlit keys functional for playing in low light or night time. One primary speciality of these keyboards is that they have key switches with needless depression that helps in gaming. There is an extra coat of paint on keys mainly used in gaming, like A, W, D, S, and the space bar in these keyboards.
Rapoo’s V500 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has all these mentioned features and more. Users can have the best experience with clicking sound and the fastest response rates due to the 4.0 mm key distance.

Multimedia Keyboard

This type of keyboard has additional features than the regular keyboard. Multimedia keyboards have volume control and several other media application launch buttons that set them apart from the standard wired keyboards.
The Rapoo 8210M combo comes with a keyboard that has multimedia hotkeys, a perfect choice if you want a keyboard with separate keys to manage specific functions.

Do Wired Keyboards Have Input Lag?

Input lag, often termed “Latency” in keyboards, is the time from the keypress till the time it takes for the action to appear on the screen. Wired keyboards have low latency rates when compared with wireless keyboards. These keyboards rarely face any latency issues.

Why Are Wired Keyboards Better?

Wired keyboards are a better choice for multiple reasons. Gamers and streamers can rely on them as they are directly connected, making it easier to play and stream without lag.

How Many Keys Does A Wired Keyboard Have?

There is no standard number that tells us the number of keys a keyboard has as it changes from purpose to function. But, generally, a wired keyboard has about 104 alphanumeric keys. The number of keys varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Since many latest keyboards have multimedia keys, it adds up to the existing number. Many keyboards have lesser keys since they don’t have separate numbers keypad.

Rapoo Wired Keyboard Price In India

Sr. No Wired Keyboard Wired Keyboard Price
1 Rapoo NK1800 Spill Resistance Wired USB Keyboard ₹799.00
2 Rapoo NK2000 Spill Resistant Wired Keyboard ₹999.00

Frequently Asked Questions For Wired Keyboard

Q1. Are Wired Keyboards Faster?

Wired keyboards have faster reaction times. Their direct connection makes them efficient and quick when it comes to responsiveness. They have low latency rates, making them a perfect fit for any kind of use.

Q2. How Long Is The Wired Keyboard Cord?

An average keyboard cable ranges anywhere between 5-6 feet. The length of keyboard wires depends on the power required by the keyboard. Usually, high-powered keyboards have shorter cables.

Q3. Can We Connect Wired Keyboard To Mobile?

Wired keyboards can be connected to mobile phones in two different ways. You don't need separate adapters if the USB cable can be attached directly to the mobile phone. If you cannot, attach a USB OTG cable to your keyboard and mobile device.

Q4. Do Wired Keyboards Need Drivers?

All the new keyboards do not require downloading drivers separately. They come with plug-and-play tech, automatically installing any required drivers when you plug in your keyboard.

Q5. Can A Wired Keyboard Work With A Wireless Mouse?

Yes. Users can connect a wired keyboard with a wireless mouse. You can even do it and vice versa.

Q6. Is Wired Keyboard Good For Laptop?

In general, wired keyboards are a preferred choice by many for their better response times, as many professionals cannot afford input lags. But wireless keyboards are not so behind. They’re better options if you want a clutter-free desk or have a hard time managing cables.

Q7. Can I Connect A Wired Keyboard To Two Different Computers?

There are multiple ways through which you can connect your wired keyboard to multiple computers. One can use cross-computer control softwares, hardware switches, remote desktop software, or even multi-device keyboards to connect different PCs.

Q8. Are Wired Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Wired keyboards are a better or more suitable option for streamers and gamers. Since they are connected directly, their responsiveness is faster. This causes zero to low delays in gaming.

Q9. How much is a Wired Keyboard Price in India?

You can visit shop or search for electronic markets to check wired keyboard price in India but the prices can change because of demand, new product, and other things.