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Wired Mouse

Rapoo’s latest wired mouse is a simple plug-and-play setup that offers more convenience and a higher degree of control that matches your preferences. Suitable for avid gamers and working professionals who require high precision while working, these wired mouses are reliable devices that can adapt to a broad range of PCs.

Rapoo N100 Wired Mouse

In stock

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 10 × 6 cm

Rapoo N200 Wired Mouse

Out of stock

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 6 cm

N200-Black, N200-White

Advantages Of Wired Mouse

  • Exceptionally Quick Response

Rapoo’s wired mouse, like N100, is generally faster than a
wireless mouse, offering high speed and accuracy.

  • Not Susceptible To Interference

Unlike the wireless mouse, where information is transmitted wirelessly, our wired devices
don’t present as many lags. In addition, there is no chance for choppy mouse movements since there is no
interference in our wired mouse.

  • High Degree of Stability

Since our wired mouse products are directly connected to the PC, they are more stable
than wireless mouse devices. Also, there is no delay in setup after you boot up your PC, unlike a wired mouse which
may take longer to establish its connection with the PC.

  • Reasonable Wired Mouse Prices

High-precision PC users and gamers benefit more from a wired mouse. It is because they
have reasonable prices compared to their wireless counterparts and don’t require extra accessories like receivers or

Rapoo Wired Mouse Price In India

Sr. No Wired Mouse Wired Mouse Price
1 Rapoo N100 Optical Mouse ₹399.00
2 Rapoo N200 Optical Mouse ₹399.00

Features To Consider When Choosing A Wired Mouse

The personalised features of Rapoo’s wired mouse make it a unique pick in the

Full-Size Comfortable Design

The symmetric design of these wired devices makes them comfortable to use and reduces
wrist pains. The additional programmable buttons make it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users. In
addition, the ambidextrous design makes it suitable for different hand sizes.

High-Resolution Adjustable DPI sensor

Our range of mouse has adjustable DPI sensors to match your preferences from professional
office work requirements to gaming purposes. Enjoy accurate mouse-pointer control adjustable up to 1600 DPI.
However, if you prefer an intense gaming experience, our V360-IR gaming mouse
has an adjustable gaming sensor of up to 6200 DPI.

Superior Ergonomics and Strong Grip

Accompanied by an ambidextrous Ergonomic design, Rapoo V16 wired optical gaming mouse offers higher comfort and eliminates wrist pain even when you
use it for longer hours. Additionally, its grip style is designed to suit both professional purposes and intense
gaming use.

Easy Installation

A distinguishing feature of our wired mouse is the simple plug-and-play setup. There’s no
need for complex driver installation or a lengthy setup process. Instead, just plug it into your favourite USB port,
and it is ready. Additionally, the long length of the USB cable of our wired mouse makes it convenient to work from
a distance.

Types Of Wired Mouse

A few significant aspects of Rapoo’s wireless mouse make it unique from a wired

Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Ideal for individuals who prefer to avoid muscular and wrist-related stress while using
the mouse for a longer duration. Its fully ergonomic design gives you a better hand posture while sitting longer.
Upgrade your working environment with Rapoo’s VT200 dual-mode gaming mouse.

Wired Ambidextrous Mouse

Equipped with an ambidextrous design and a non-slip scroll wheel, this mouse is perfect
for quick and convenient browsing. Also, the VT30 wired gaming
mouse model is ideal for gamers and other users who rely on high accuracy.

How To Choose the Right Wired Mouse?

Adjustable DPI Resolution

A highly adjustable DPI resolution is crucial for precise mouse movements, especially for
gamers. The 1600 DPI optical sensor of the N100 mouse offers smooth and accurate mouse pointer control leading to a sustained performance
in your usage. Always choose a wired mouse with greater DPI for a smooth user experience.


Rapoo’s wired mouse allows you to place your hands, wrists and fingers at angles that
give you more comfort with long-term mouse movements. Designed to reduce hand and wrist strain, they suit different
hand sizes. Consider the mouse's ergonomics carefully to match it with your preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Wired Mouse

Unless your mouse suffers a permanent hardware failure, chances are pretty high that you
can fix the performance glitches in that device.

Mouse Not Working

Depending on your use, the mouse hardware might have worn out. Check for hardware issues.
This is often true when the mouse is used for gaming purposes.

  • Inspect your mouse to spot a crack, silent clicking of
    finger buttons, or optical sensors failing to glow.
  • Wipe off the dust from the device and see if the problem
  • If the problem persists, getting a replacement for the
    damaged hardware is the best solution.

Faulty USB Port

Sometimes, the USB port does not have sufficient power to establish the connection. Maybe
the port it is connected to is partially unseated and might not recognise the device. Connecting with a different
USB port often helps in such scenarios.

  • Unplug the mouse from the port it is plugged
  • Insert the plug into another USB port. Check if the
    problem is solved.

Mouse Not Directly Connected To The USB Port

If you have a multi-card reader or an external USB hub through which you are using the mouse, there might be a
problem with that device rather than your mouse.

  • Connect the mouse cable directly to the desktop USB
    port. Operate the mouse to see if the problem clears.

Rough Or Uneven Surface

Although Rapoo’s wired mouse can be used on a decently even surface, their performance is efficient when used on a smooth surface.

  • Check the surface on which you are using the
  • Make it even, or replace it with a smooth, non-shiny
    mouse mat. Some optical mouse cannot track laser movements on uneven and shiny surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions For Wired Mouse

Q1. Can I Use A Wired Mouse With A Laptop?

You can connect a wired mouse to your system using its USB cable. Plug the mouse USB
cable into the matching port on your laptop and restart your device while the mouse is connected if it isn’t

Q2. Can A Wired Mouse Be Used For Gaming?

Specifically for gaming, you can use a wired mouse. It comes with almost zero latency and
increased response time and gives you a swift gaming experience.

Q3. Can I Program The Buttons On My Wired Mouse?

Yes. The additional buttons on the wired mouse can be programmed according to your needs
and specifications. It helps to boost your productivity dramatically.

Q4. How Do I Adjust The Sensitivity Of My Wired Mouse?

To adjust the mouse's sensitivity, click the start button and type mouse settings in the
search bar. The mouse settings window appears. Next, go to the mouse pointer speed tab, adjust the sensitivity that
matches your preferences, and close the window.

Q5. Can I Use A Wired Mouse On A Gaming Console?

You can connect a wired USB mouse to a few gaming consoles that support mouse navigation
in certain games and apps. Since a wired mouse allows for precision snap-aiming, it can be an ideal choice for a
gaming PC.

Q6. What Is DPI, And Why Is It Important For A Wired Mouse?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, the standard term used to measure the sensitivity of a
wired mouse. By adjusting the DPI on different scales, you can adjust mouse pointer speed for high-precision tasks
like in-game targeting, photo editing or convenient web browsing. The greater the DPI number of the mouse, the
higher its sensitivity and the faster the pointer speed.

Q7. Can I Use A Wired Mouse With A Mac Computer?

Modern Mac devices are found to support all USB devices. So, you can connect your wired
mouse to the Mac computer irrespective of whether the mouse is sold for Windows or iOS.

Q8. What is Wired Mouse Price In India?

The wired mouse price in india starts from ₹199 to ₹1000 depending upon the features you want