How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To Laptop In A Few Easy Steps?

Cordless keyboards are widely used for their flexibility. So if you want to know how to connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop, your query will be solved today. All the laptops have specific keyboards that work just right. But what if you want that typewriter experience? Or want to cast your laptop on a larger screen and use it from a distance? That’s when users can always connect to a wireless keyboard. 

These keyboards are convenient since they have a good range of connectivity. In addition, they can be used from a distance, so it’s easy for professionals and even gamers to use them when using their laptops or PCs. So learn how to connect wireless keyboard to laptop in just a few simple steps and work or play with greater ease. 

How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To Laptop?

There are two types of wireless keyboards found in the market. One is a Bluetooth keyboard, and the other is a Radio Frequency (RF) keyboard. These two varieties are similar but have different modes of connectivity. For example, to connect a Bluetooth cordless keyboard, you must pair it with your laptop or other device. Whereas in an RF keyboard, you must pair its receiver first. 

So let’s see a step-by-step guide for both types of keyboards: 

Steps To Connect Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Are you wondering how to connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop without USB? Then connecting using a Bluetooth keyboard is the easiest option. If your laptop has Bluetooth connectivity, follow these steps to connect your Bluetooth keyboard:

  1. First, go to the control panel available in the right corner of the taskbar.
  2. A window will open up in which you can find the Bluetooth icon. 
  3. Next, turn on your laptop’s Bluetooth.
  4. Now, turn your cordless keyboard on.
  5. You can see available devices on your computer and search for your wireless keyboard.
  6. Finally, pair it with the Bluetooth keyboard and install its drivers. 

Check if your laptop and keyboard are correctly connected. If you pair your wireless keyboard with other devices, it might be the case that you’re unable to connect as it’s already paired. Check for it before you start pairing. 

Similarly, we can solve the issue of how to connect wireless keyboard and mouse to laptop. You can connect your computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse and operate from a distance. The Rapoo 8210M is an excellent combo in this alternative. With 3.0 and 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, this combo is one of the most reliable sets in the market. 

Steps To Connect Radio Frequency RF Keyboard

Now that you have understood how to connect wireless keyboard to laptop without receiver, let’s see how you can connect with a receiver. If your laptop or other device does not have Bluetooth, you can connect a wireless RF keyboard through a USB port. To join the RF keyboard, follow these steps:

  • Connect To Your Laptop

To connect any 2.4GHz keyboard, you need to insert the USB dongle into your laptop. This is provided along with the keyboard. Insert the receiver in the required USB port, 2.0 or even 3.0 port. 

  • Turn Your Keyboard On

Power on your keyboard by adding the required set of batteries. If it’s a chargeable keyboard, ensure it’s fully charged before you turn it on. To check whether your keyboard is on or not, check the LED lights. If it doesn’t power on, check the charge or whether you have inserted the batteries correctly. 

  • Check If Your Keyboard Works

Now that you have connected the dongle or receiver and switched on your keyboard see if it works. Generally, when you insert the dongle on your laptop, they automatically install the necessary drivers. Once done, make sure that your cordless keyboard is in the range, and you’re good to go.

Remember that you get an RF keyboard with a good range. Rapoo’s E1050 comes with an excellent range of up to 10 meters. This keyboard has an anti-splash design, and great speed, which gives it an edge over other RF keyboards in the market. Another plus is that users don’t have to install additional drivers or softwares to use it. This is the way to go if you’re looking for how to connect a wireless keyboard with a laptop without any hardware components


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use any wireless keyboard with a laptop?

Yes, you can use any type of wireless keyboard, Bluetooth or RF, with a laptop. Simply connect it using the steps mentioned above. 

Can we connect wireless keyboard to laptop without receiver?

You simply need Bluetooth connectivity in your laptop to connect a wireless keyboard without a receiver. You can connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard easily without using any external dongle. 

Why is my wireless keyboard not working with my laptop?

There might be multiple reasons why your wireless keyboard is not working with your laptop. For instance, batteries are on low power, the receiver’s plug-in port is not working, interference in connection, or others. 



So hopefully, we have solved your query on how to connect wireless keyboard to laptop. This blog lets you easily connect any of the two varieties of keyboards, Bluetooth or RF keyboard. To enjoy gaming on a bigger screen or working from home relaxingly, wireless keyboards are a great alternative.

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