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Wireless Keyboard

Rapoo’s wireless keyboards are the new-age keyboards that many prefer over wired keyboards. They have all the state-of-the-art features that provide users with a great level of convenience and portability. Everything is possible with these keyboards, from keeping your desk cable-free to high performance and reliability.

Rapoo E1050 Wireless Keyboard

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Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 43 × 14.5 × 4.5 cm

Rapoo E9350G Multi-mode wireless Keyboard

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Rapoo E9350G Dark Grey
Rapoo E9350G White

Rapoo E9350G Dark Grey, Rapoo E9350G White

Rapoo E9050G Multi-mode Wireless keyboard

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Rapoo E9050G Dark Grey
Rapoo E9050G Pink
Rapoo E9050G Purple
Rapoo E9050G White

Rapoo E9050G Dark Grey, Rapoo E9050G Pink, Rapoo E9050G Purple, Rapoo E9050G White

Benefits Of Wireless Keyboard


Wireless keyboards are known for the utmost comfort they offer their users. Many people switch to wireless keyboards as they are more convenient. This type of keyboard can be connected to any device, from desktops to laptops, to smart TVs and other compatible devices. They also give users the advantage of navigating from a distance.
Users can use a hassle-free wireless interface to maintain connectivity. With zero chances of cables getting tangled, wireless keyboards allow users to work in a clean zone in their own comfort.

Factor Of Reliability

Wireless keyboards are often regarded as less reliable options when compared with wired keyboards. But Rapoo’s advanced tech has spun things around and favors wireless keyboards. In addition, these keyboards come with long-lasting battery life so that users can work longer hours without any hindrance.

The issue of running out of battery is hugely eliminated, along with the issue of lagging. With 3.0 or 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and improved receivers, wireless has become more reliable as users rarely face any lag issues.


Wireless keyboards are known for their versatility and the variety of upgraded features they provide. From looks to features and functions, users get loads to choose from. Since they are compatible with many devices, wireless keyboards are used for numerous purposes.


Wireless keyboards have loads of options that will help you maintain your aesthetics. These keyboards give your desk a more organized, minimalistic look. Over the years, these keyboards have become eye-pleasing devices for many users.

Types Of Wireless Keyboards

There are four types of wireless keyboards available in the market. Depending on their function and mode of connectivity, they can be differentiated as:

1. Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are one of the most popular type of wireless keyboards. These keyboards are connected to the desired device through Bluetooth connectivity. Many office keyboards come with this mode of transmission as the range of connectivity is shorter. However, these keyboards are known for high data transfer speed without any wired connection.
Rapoo’s 9300M combo has multi-mode connectivity via 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4 GHz. Users can connect this keyboard and mouse to multiple devices and switch easily with just one click.

2. Radio Frequency Wireless Keyboards

Radio Frequency keyboards are ideal for longer-range use that can go up to 100 feet in some models. These keyboards use a transmission method closer to the WiFi standard.
Generally, these keyboards are more expensive than BT, but this one is affordable and has excellent features like an antisplash design and connectivity up to 10 meters.

3. Wireless Projection Keyboards

Projection keyboards are one of the most advanced wireless keyboards out there. They use light to communicate with PCs. These keyboards have no physical body but only a small portable projection unit. They use the breaks in lights to understand and process the information a user is typing. These are ideal for people who travel frequently.

4. Wireless Infrared Keyboards 

Wireless Infrared keyboards use light waves to transmit information to the computers. They use infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye because of their long wavelength. These keyboards are uncommon for daily use as they won’t work if any solid object passes or obstructs the direct line of sight.

How Are Wireless Keyboards Connected?

Wireless keyboards are connected through two methods, Bluetooth or using a USB dongle. Keyboards with Bluetooth connectivity require no external unit to connect with computers; they pair like any other Bluetooth device.
Whereas keyboards with USB dongles or receivers need to be plugged into the USB port of a PC or laptop so they send signals. Remember, keep the devices in the desired range to have undisturbed transmission.

How Long Do Wireless Keyboards Work?

Most wireless keyboards have a battery life of up to 36 months, depending on their function and use. However, a majority of best-quality wireless keyboards have a battery life that ranges anywhere from 12-20 months.
Rapoo’s wireless keyboards from combo’s, X260S, X1800PRO, and many others have a battery life of up to 12 months. This gives users an unhindered experience for a year, becoming a reliable option for many.

Does Wireless Keyboard Need Internet?

No wireless keyboards do not work on WiFi or internet connection. These keyboards can be paired with devices through Bluetooth or USB dongles.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard Price In India

Sr. No Wireless Keyboard Wireless Keyboard Price
1 Rapoo E1050 2.4G Anti-Splash Wireless Keyboard (Black) ₹1,299.00

Frequently Asked Questions For Wireless Keyboard

Q1. Are Wireless Keyboards Less Responsive?

Wireless keyboards are known to show latency if the connection is disturbed. These keyboards can show slower response times as they are not directly connected to the PC through a cable. But with improved technology, these issues are rarely faced.

Q2. Are Wireless Keyboards Rechargeable?

Some keyboards have rechargeable batteries, but users have to recharge them frequently. Whereas with battery-powered keyboards, users can use the keyboard for longer periods.

Q3. What Frequency Does Wireless Keyboard Use?

Most Radio Frequency wireless keyboards use a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This can range anywhere from 27MHz to up to 2.4GHz.

Q4. Can Wireless Keyboard Connect To Multiple Devices?

Yes, a wireless keyboard can be connected to multiple devices at once. Rapoo’s keyboards can be switched between devices using a single click.

Q5. How Many Batteries Does A Wireless Keyboard Need?

Wireless keyboards generally use AA or AAA batteries, depending upon the function. The number is specified in the instruction manual.

Q6. Do Wireless Keyboards Work With All Computers?

Wireless keyboards are compatible with mostly all PCs since they have either of the two modes of connectivity. BT wireless keyboards can be connected via Bluetooth, whereas RF keyboards connect to the PC wirelessly through a dongle.

Q7. Are Wireless Keyboards Easy To Set Up?

Setting up a wireless keyboard is easy. With Rapoo’s plug-and-play keyboards, users don’t have to sit and install drivers separately.

Q8. Is Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth Or WiFi?

Wireless keyboards work on Bluetooth connectivity or with the help of receivers that passes information to the computer. WiFi connection is not required for wireless keyboards.

Q9. How much is a Wireless Keyboard Price in India?

To ascertain the cost of a wireless keyboard in India, you have the option to either physically visit a store or browse online electronics markets. However, keep in mind that these prices are subject to fluctuations due to factors like demand, the introduction of new products, among other variables.