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Gaming Mousepad

Upgrade your workspace with Rapoo’s smooth fabric-laden mousepads. Mousepads often go unnoticed but can significantly enhance the gaming experience and complement the optical or laser technology of the modern-day mouse. Get supremely comfortable with high-precision mouse movements with the help of mousepads.

RAPOO V1 Anti-skid fabric Mouse Pad – Large

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Dimensions 32 × 6 × 6 cm

Rapoo V10RGB Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

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RAPOO V1L Anti-skid fabric Mouse Pad – Extra Large

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 9 × 9 cm

Benefits Of Mousepads

Mousepads play an instrumental role in a smooth desktop browsing experience. 

Greater Comfort

Although the modern-day technology of an optical mouse may provide smooth movement across any surface, mousepads can scale the comfort factor to all new levels. Besides, it eliminates the stiffness of the hands and wrist arising from using the mouse for long hours. Mouse pads can be extremely helpful in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome due to cushions at the bottom that elevate your wrist to fit a more natural angle.

Enhanced Quality of Gaming Experience

A gaming mousepad is essential if you are an avid gamer relying on quick and precise mouse movements. A mousepad doesn’t have even the slightest inadequacy compared to your desk surface, thus giving smooth and uninterrupted mouse movements.

Appealing Aesthetics

An attractive workstation equipped with the necessary accessories makes you feel good and increases the odds of being more efficient. Besides, Rapoo’s anti-skid fabric mousepads are dirt and wear-resistant, also easy to clean.

Increase Shelf Life

Dragging the mouse across the same desk surface will eventually lead to wearing out of the mouse. It can also cause slight scratches on the part of the surface where the mouse is used. However, a mousepad's smooth, fabric-based surface prevents the wearing out of the mouse and maintains its accuracy for a prolonged period.

Types Of Mousepads

There are four fundamental types of mousepads.

Textured Mousepad

It is the most commonly used mousepad in fabric, rubber, silicone, plastic and other materials. The fabric layer provides the perfect surface for the mouse to move on and a small cushion at the bottom to support the wrist of the user. 

Ergonomic Mousepad

It is a more natural fit for the hands and wrists of the user. Ergonomic mousepads have carefully placed supportive padding and a natural design that reduces stress on your wrist muscles. It helps prevent repetitive strain injury due to incorrect wrist position while using the mouse without a mousepad for long hours.

Gaming Mousepad

Compared to Ergonomic and Textured mousepads, Gaming mousepads have a large surface area, improved sensitivity, and a non-slip bottom surface. You can place the mouse and keyboard together on a gaming mousepad. You can also personalise your gaming space with various edgy designs of a gaming mousepad.

Wireless Charging Mousepad

This mousepad type is compatible only with a wireless mouse and can charge the mouse while using it. The innovative design eliminates the need for manual charging of the mouse. 

How To Choose Mousepads?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your ideal mousepad.

1. Size

You don’t want to end up with a mousepad that is either too large or too small. A small mousepad will be frustrating, while a large mousepad can occupy too much space on your desk. Have a clear idea of the space where you plan to keep your mouse pad, and then choose the mousepad of the appropriate size.

2. Hard Or Soft Surface

Depending on your purpose of use, you can decide if you want to buy a hard or soft surface mousepad. Gamers or creative professionals who require a lot of swift or large sweeping movements prefer hard mouse pads. If your work demands that you spend long hours in front of the computer screen, soft mouse pads might fit you, providing a more comfortable experience.

3. Resistance

An essential feature of a mousepad is its slip resistance. Rapoo’s extra-large and wireless charging mousepad has an anti-skid bottom design and a textured bottom that prevents it from slipping around while you use it. Besides, look for a water-resistant mousepad so it doesn’t get ruined if liquid spills on the mousepad.

4. Thickness

The thickness of a mousepad heavily influences the fluidity of performance. Depending on your preferences for flexibility and smooth experience, you can select from a thin-based or thick mousepad respectively. There are 3 variations of mousepads based on their thickness. 

  • Thin (2-2.5mm)
  • Medium (3-3.5mm)
  • Heavy (5mm+)

5. Aesthetics

Considering the looks of the mousepad is crucial before deciding to buy one since it will be a part of your workspace. If you are a professional, you may require a mousepad with a minimalistic design, whereas a gamer might look for something dark and edgy.

How Are Mousepads Made?

Mousepads can be made from polyester, rubber, fabric, leather, plastic, etc.


  • Sheets of the chosen material are placed on giant rollers. It allows for a higher volume of mouse pads at a faster rate.
  • The material is measured, and care is taken that all mousepads are of a uniform size. The typical mouse pad size is about 7.5” x 7.5”.
  • The material is cut using a die-cutting machine to give the desired shape to the mousepad. The shape could be a circle, square or some other unique print.
  • Lower-density rubber composite is bonded to the bottom of the mousepads. Rubber is a strong, resilient material resistant to tears and abrasions.
  • A custom design is then added to the front of a mousepad. Lasers on inkjet printers are used to imprint the design onto the surface.
  • Finally, once the mousepad is ready, it is checked for quality. The quality control team verifies that the design is clean and crisp and has no loose threads in the mousepad.

Frequently Asked Questions For Mousepads

Q1. Does Mousepad Affect Accuracy?

The surface of a mousepad can significantly affect the precision of the mouse. It is known to enhance the accuracy of quick mouse movements.

Q2. How Long Can A Mousepad Last?

A high-quality mousepad lasts for six to ten years when used regularly. If you regularly maintain the mousepad, you can increase this period.

Q3. What Are 2 Reasons To Use A Mousepad?

Higher speed, greater comfort, and efficient work output through increased precision are a few important reasons to use a mousepad.

Q4. What Is The Best Material For Mousepad?

A soft woven cloth is a popular material to produce mousepads. It can also be made from polyester, rubber and aluminium.

Q5. Can You Clean A Mousepad?

Mousepads can be cleaned to maintain their quality in the long term. If you have a hard mousepad, wipe it with a damp cloth. You can rub and rinse a soft mouse pad to clean it. 

Q6. Are Mouse Pads Necessary?

Although not necessary, mousepads often enhance the experience while immersed in your work or in-game. It also gives a beautiful appearance to your workspace.

Q7. Does Mousepad Surface Matter?

The surface of the mousepad can make or break your gaming experience. A mousepad with a hard surface gives you a better gaming experience, whereas a soft surface gives you greater comfort in your professional work.

Q8. Are Bigger Mousepads Better?

Opting for a larger mousepad gives you additional comfort and performance. However, your final decision depends on the purpose of your use and the space on your work desk.