How To Use Keyboard As a Mouse?

Learning how to use a keyboard as a mouse makes your life easier and faster. You don’t need to touch the mouse to control the cursor or perform commands. There are different mouse keys available online. Some of them will be used in your daily life. But it’s time to sharpen up your keyboard skills and learn more shortcuts to use keyboards without the mouse. 

Whether on a laptop or computer, you can use similar mouse keys to use the keyboard without moving your mouse. 

How To Control Mouse With Keyboard On Your Computer And Laptop? 

So if your mouse isn’t working or you are struggling with your touchpad, knowing how the mouse keys function is worth it. Another thing you can use not to touch your mouse is using shortcuts. So let’s first see how to control a mouse with a keyboard. 

  1. Open your computer to access the mouse keys. Press the Windows + U keys and click on the mouse from the left panel on the screen.
  2. Now, to enable your mouse control with the keypad, you must press the toggle button under the “Control your mouse with keypad” option on the screen. 

While using mouse keys, you can feel the reduction in speed as keys can’t match the mouse’s speed. There are also high chances of facing lags on your device. So after you enable the access of mouse keys, you must also adjust the speed. Head to the pointer speed and pointer acceleration under the mouse setting, and increase the speed. But if increasing the speed doesn’t work, you can also look for keyboards like Rapoo E1050 2.4G anti-splash wireless that comes with a fast and stable pace. 

How To Use Mouse Keys To Control Cursors Using Keyboards? 

After you enable the mouse keys on your computer or laptop, you will need to know which keys perform what. Here’s the guide on that. But before using the mouse keys, you must turn on your num lock. For that, press the num key on the keyboard. You will find it at the top of the mouse keys. Once you press it, the keys will respond like a mouse. Your request will be performed with 1 to 9 keys. Below are the shortcuts mentioned:

Move The Cursor Up And Down

Of all the mouse keys, 1 to 9 are used to move your cursor. So, if you want to move your cursor down, you must use the 3rd key to move down—long-press on the key for fast movement. Similarly, you have to press the 9th key to move your cursor in the upward direction. 


Command Request  Key Combination 
To Move Up  Press key 8
To Move Down  Press key 2 
To Move Up And Left  Press key 7 
To Move Up and Right  Press key 9 
To Move Down And Left  Press key 1
To Move Down And Right  Press key 3 
To Move The Left Side  Press key 4
To Move The Right Side Press key 6 
To Click  Press / and key 5 
To Right-click  Press – and key 5 
To Double-click  Press / and + button 
To Drag  Point to the item, then press the 0 key 
To Select A Text  Press the 0 key and 1, 2, and 3 based on   the direction you want your cursor to move  
To Go To An End Of The Page  Press key 1 (keep the num lock off)
To Go To Top  Press key 7 (keep the num lock off)
To Change The Tab Within The Tabs  Press the ctrl keys and key 3 (keep the num lock off)
To Scroll Down  Press the spacebar


These were some of the primary keys to move your cursor with a keyboard without a mouse. Initially, you will face difficulty using the keys fast, but your speed will increase over time. To enhance your user experience, check out the Rapoo V500 pro mechanical gaming keyboard with a life span of 60 million keystrokes. When it comes to office keyboards with fast and long-life keystrokes, you can also find Rapoo NK2000, which best suits your requirement. 


Whether your mouse is malfunctioning or your laptop’s touchpad is not working, you now know how to use the keyboard as a mouse using the keys. The above-mentioned are some of the primary mouse keys which are enough to operate your computer without a mouse.

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