How To Use The Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse can be a lifesaver on the go. It is a godsend as it is compact enough, lightweight, and fits perfectly in your pocket. The ease of using a wireless mouse, the flexibility to ambidextrous users, and switching between multi-mode are some of the positives of switching to a wireless mouse. 

There are primarily two ways to connect the wireless mouse to your computer. Either you use the USB receiver or Bluetooth, and both will do. This blog will walk you through both guidelines to understand how to work with a wireless mouse. 

How To Set Up A Wireless Mouse? 

For all devices, the setup instructions for the wireless mouse on your computer are the same. Here are the two methods you can use.  

Method 1: Use The Bluetooth

  • Press the window + I keys to open the system’s settings, and head to the devices option on the screen. 
  • Navigate to the “Bluetooth and other devices” option, and click “Add Bluetooth or other devices” at the top. 
  • Now, click on Bluetooth, and find the device name to use the wireless mouse on your computer/laptop. 

Bluetooth is easier to connect a wireless mouse to a device, whether a laptop or computer. Some mice are multi-device connectors, just like Rapoo M500 Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse, with an ergonomic design and a long-lasting battery. 

Note: Keep the device (mouse) in pairing mode and turn on the mouse’s power button.  

Method 2: Use The USB Receiver

For this guide, you would require a wireless receiver and make sure your mouse is charged. 

  • Turn on the mouse power button. They are usually at the bottom of the mouse. 
  • Now, insert the wireless device receiver into your computer’s or laptop’s USB port. 
  • Once done, move the mouse to check if it’s working. 

How To Configure Wireless Mouse On The Mac? 

Even on Mac, you can use a wireless receiver or Bluetooth to configure a wireless mouse. If you are using a Bluetooth receiver, you can freely use the above instructions. But using Bluetooth on Mac may encounter different interfaces and steps. So here are the steps if you are using Bluetooth. 

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top-left corner and head to the system preferences. 
  • Select Bluetooth, and press the mouse’s connection button behind the wheel. 
  • The location of the connection button is at different places based on the brands. It will indicate you pair the mouse with the Mac. And once you successfully do that, the device will be ready to use.

What To Do If My Wireless Mouse Not Working? 

The wireless mouse not working cannot necessarily be caused by a broken or malfunctioning internal component. Sometimes, it can be due to minor issues like the mouse’s connection button not working or the USB receiver isn’t put in perfectly. Below are some tips and tricks to fix this problem. 

  • Check your mouse connection button is turned on/off 
  • Ensure your wireless device receiver is perfectly plugged into the USB port. 
  • Since a wireless mouse needs a battery to function, check if it is full. 
  • You cannot stay more than 30 feet away and operate the device. Ensure to keep the mouse closer to the system. You can use our Rapoo M300 Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse that lets you run it to 32 feet efficiently. This mouse is best suited for gamers because of its groovy looks. 
  • Plugged in the shorter dongles (If you use them to connect through) as larger ones fall quickly. 
  • Check the Bluetooth drivers and troubleshoot using the wired mouse or the mouse keys. 


In any case, connecting a wireless mouse to a desktop or Macbook is a breeze. So, transform your workflow with Rapoo’s wireless mouse for its manoeuvrability, long battery life, and advanced features like customizable buttons.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which Device Is Needed To Use A Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse can be connected to your computer and laptop using Bluetooth connection. But if your Bluetooth is not working, you will require a USB dongle to connect the mouse to your system. 

Q2. Do You Need Internet To Use A Wireless Mouse?

You do not need an internet connection to connect a wireless mouse to your system, as it can quickly be done using Bluetooth or USB dongles. 

Q3. How Do I Save Battery On My Wireless Mouse?

There are a few ways to save the battery of your wireless mouse. One of them is keeping your mouse area clean and dust-free. You must also switch your dark mousepads with some lighter pads as, apparently, they drain the battery faster. 

Q4. What Is The Working Range Of Wireless Mouse?

Since the efficiency of wireless devices depends on their ranges, the ideal range between the system and your wireless mouse should be within 30 feet. If you extend the limit, you can face connectivity issues while working. 

Q5. How Many Batteries Does A Wireless Mouse Need?

Usually, wireless mouses require two AA batteries if using replaceable ones. 



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