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Enter the world of competitive gaming with confidence, knowing that Rapoo provides premium gamepads. We have the finest gaming controllers for any gamer. Enhance your gaming skills to the next level and get your hands on gamepads that work with PC, Android, PS3, and Xbox. So, play anywhere you want in style and comfort and level up with our range of gamepads.

Gamepads, or handheld game controllers, are perfectly designed to play advanced video games on laptops and PCs. A gamepad is an input device with multiple buttons used by thumbs to move objects around in the game.

Advantages Of Gamepads

As it is an input device for gaming, the following are the benefits that gamepads provide: 
  1.  It is an ideal choice for professional gamers as it offers better control and precision while playing, thus enhancing the gaming experience.
  2.  The gamepad's ergonomic shape and well-placed buttons allow players to focus on the game without constantly adjusting their grip.
  3.  The player's reaction time is enhanced, and they can react rapidly to the joystick and hand movements because of the controller's comfortable grip.

Types Of Gamepads

Gaming controllers have come a long way since inception. Over the years, gamepads have evolved in terms of technological innovation, functional design with multiple inputs, and vibration features. At Rapoo, we have two unique gamepads: Wired and wireless. Both have exclusive features, and we will help you pick the best one to hook up with your PC. Any gamer, from novice to pro, or anyone interested in more niche forms of gaming, can find an appropriate gamepad among the many available options.

1. Traditional Console Controller

They're perfect for use with gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Games like sports, first-person shooters, and so on may all be played on classic consoles, which feature multiple buttons, two thumbsticks, and a d-pad(directional pad). 

2. PC Gaming Console Controller

Famous with PC gamers that come with advanced programmable features, additional buttons, and aesthetics with backlit keys. PC controllers come with great precision, accuracy, and control.  Rapoo has the perfect gamepad to meet your needs and elevate your gaming experience. The V600S wireless gamepad is compatible with PC, PS3, Xbox, and PlayStation gaming platforms. 

3. Arcade Style Controller

These controllers are well-suited for retro players who enjoy arcade-style gaming. These joystick and button-laden controllers are styled after the original arcade equipment. Fighting game fans love them, and retro gamers can't get enough of them. They have an intuitive design, but the compatibility and features are limited compared to the most advanced gamepads. 

4. Pro-Grade Controllers

Extra precision, responsiveness, and sensitivity were specifically built into these controllers for competitive play. Because of the advanced features of quick and accurate movements, they are more expensive than other gamepad variants. The controller facilitates rapid motion thanks to its additional configurable buttons and settings. Additionally, they have been designed for players who play for a long duration to play comfortably without pains and aches. 

5. Mobile Controllers

Smartphones have given rise to online mobile gaming. It can be connected wirelessly to the smartphone, making it portable for players to carry around easily anywhere. Additionally, mobile game controllers are compatible with most mobile games. 

6. VR Gaming Controllers

These controllers represent cutting-edge technology at the moment. Although expensive, they offer a very interactive and immersive gaming experience. Gamers can participate in the action by moving about and participating in the game. 

How Gamepads Work?

Every gamepad controller has a similar layout and buttons. The controller is shaped like a wing with convenient button placement. As the structure is identical, we will explain how a gamepad controller works:
  • There are different variants of a gamepad, like analog sticks and joysticks, which come with various features for playing various console games like sports, first-person shooting, role-playing, etc. But, one thing that all gamepads have in common is the buttons.
  • Every button has a metal piece underneath it. These buttons send signals to the PC or the mobile, and the computer sends the message to the game software.
  • Most modern gamepads with Bluetooth connections use infrared to transmit data.
  • Joysticks move and aim differently than buttons. Joysticks have right-angled potentiometers. Potentiometers flow current, but the resistance determines the current. Tilting or pressing the joystick increases or decreases resistance. The controller sends the angle to the console, which displays the direction.
  • The rumble feature on all modern gamepads with motion control and vibration allows games to transmit signals to the controller, causing it to vibrate, improving feedback in games like racing simulators.
  • Gamepads use accelerometers and miniature chips with built-in springs to hold wafers in place. Wafer movement follows controller movement. The accelerometer measures how each wafer moves relative to the others and the controller, and the system syncs them.

How To Choose The Right Gamepad?

Finding the perfect game console to meet your gaming requirements can often be daunting. When considering your choice, it's crucial to consider factors such as how often you play, the significance of multiplayer functionality, and your budgetary constraints. There are a few things to remember while making the right decision when buying a gamepad.

1. Compatibility

Our range of gamepads is compatible with most gaming platforms. V600 ergonomic controller gamepad will allow you to play classic PC Windows games thanks to the X and D modes, the two most common input standards. So, you can switch between advanced and classic games with the feature. Also, it offers two types of connectivity: wired and wireless gamepads. 

2. Comfort And Easy To Use

A gamepad must fit in your hand like a glove. Our designs V600 wired and wireless gamepads are ergonomic and have soft rubber grips. You may play for hours without getting tired. 

3. Layout and Build

The controller's layout and dimensions are the most important factors when buying a gamepad. The comfort of the controller can be determined by holding it and seeing how it feels in your hands. 

4. Durability

Since most recent controllers are expensive, you must get the most of the buck. Buy a gamepad controller built with superior quality and can withstand impacts when dropped accidentally or in excitement while playing a super intensive game. 

How To Use Gamepads?

Gamepads are easy to set up and use. It is plug-and-play. Depending on the type of controller you prefer, wired or wireless, the connection steps will follow: 1. If you have a wired gamepad, connect its USB cable to the PC's USB port. The gamepad will then be available for use. The software drivers are installed automatically, and you can begin playing your favorite game.  2. If the controller is wireless, it will include a USB receiver for signal transmission. Connect the USB receiver to the port, turn on the controller, and connect the gamepad via Bluetooth with the computer. So, go ahead and start the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Functions Of Gamepads?

Both wired and wireless gamepads are used to play various games on different platforms like shooting, puzzles, sports, role-playing, etc. It provides convenience, precision, and faster movements in the games. 

2. How Long Should A Gamepad Last?

On average, a gamepad must last for at least 5 years. The controller's longevity depends on various factors like usage, battery life, and wear and tear. 

3. Does Gamepad Use Batteries?

Yes, modern gamepads come with batteries. Some designs have built-in batteries, while some have rechargeable batteries and a charge kit. 

4. How Do You Clean A Gamepad?

To clean a dirty controller, wipe it gently with a premoistened wipe. It will help you clean all the dust, grease, and grime collected on your gamepad. But refrain from using water or any bleach directly on the gamepad. 

5. Does A Gamepad Work On Phone?

Yes, specific mobile gaming gamepads are compatible with Android smartphones. You can connect a wireless Bluetooth gamepad to your phone. 

6. How Do I Fix My Gamepad Controller?

Firstly, restart the PC and the controller if there is a lag. If that does not help, then use these other methods to fix the issue:
  • Check for software updates and accordingly update drivers
  • Check power and connectivity settings
  • Check configurations

7. How Do Gamepad Buttons Work?

When pressed, the buttons transmit data to the PC that sends it to the game software. Each button has a piece of metal underneath that accurately measures and transmits data. 

8. Can I Use A Gamepad Without Console?

No, it is impossible to use a gamepad without a console. You need a PlayStation, or Xbox; without it, the controller is useless.