What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

We have been using membrane (regular) keyboards for our entire life. But over time, technology advanced, and new technology came into existence. One of them is mechanical keyboards. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what a mechanical keyboard is, and this blog will help you understand what it is and the difference between them and membrane keyboards. 

What Are Mechanical Keyboards, And How Does It Differ From Regular Keyboards? 

Mechanical keyboards are made of spring-activated switches that make it called mechanical. This means that the keys of this keyboard have their own switches beneath, and they are responsible for registering commands. Mechanical keyboards are prominent among gamers, programmers, writers, etc., as they prefer to operate keyboards with fast and stable speed. So if you are looking for one, you can try the Rapoo V500 pro mechanical keyboard, which also comes in two different colours: cyan-blue and yellow. 

Types Of Mechanical Switches

Not all mechanical keyboards are the same. The switches used beneath the keycaps are different from each other. There are a minimum of three types of mechanical switches you must know before you buy your keyboard. These types include linear, tactile, and clicky. 

Clicky Switches

Clicky switches are bumpy and sound louder while you type using them. The sound can annoy people around you, especially in your workplace. But for you, it would be the most satisfying if you enjoyed listening to keyboard sounds. Our V500 Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is perfect for you. 

Linear Switches

These switches are types of mechanical switches that are entirely the opposite of clicky. It’s smooth and gives you fast feedback. Many gamers prefer linear switch keyboards as no bumps exist between the keys. Rapoo GK500 white backlit mechanical keyboard has perfect linear switches with the fastest speed. 

Tactile Switches 

Where clicky makes the noises and linear has the fastest speed, tactile has both. It lies between both switches. But it also gets the bumps halfway through when the keys go downward.

Difference Between The Mechanical And Regular Keyboards


Aspects  Mechanical Keyboards  Regular Keyboards 
Kinds of switches Mechanical keyboards have spring-activated switches, which makes them responsible for each key press. So when you press the keys, they directly send the signal to the computer to register that key presses.  When you press the key in regular keyboards, it first pushes the rubber dome beneath and then forces the circuit to register the key presses.  
Manufacture Cost  The manufacturing cost of mechanical switches is higher than regular ones.  The manufacturing cost of regular keyboards is usually cheaper than others. 
Texture  Since the mechanical keyboard has spring-active switches, the typing texture is smooth and sounds every time you press the key. So if you enjoy typing sound, these keyboards are for you. Meanwhile, regular keyboards give a rough and restricted typing feeling as they have rubber underneath. 
Speed  Mechanical keyboards have less chance of getting lacking and malfunctioning. They are also more durable than regular keyboards. Our favourite one is the GK500 white backlit keyboard that comes in white with media control.  If you use regular keyboards for more than just typing, let’s say accessing mouse keys, you can face lacking issues and malfunction. They aren’t durable too. 

Is There A Difference Between The Mechanical Keyboard And A Gaming Keyboard? 

Well, it can be, or it can be not. Mechanical keyboards and gaming keyboards have similarities, but at the same time, they can also have some differences. They mainly include different switches, layouts, models, functionality, and features. You can get tricked sometimes, as they both look the same in most cases. So you should check out the product thoroughly before buying. You can mainly judge the keyboard based on its switches and see whether it’s crappy or clicky if it includes the linear or tactile switches, they best suit gamers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is Mechanical Keyboard Better?

Mechanical keyboards are better than regular keyboards as they have individual switches beneath each key. Its conflict-free keys make it more durable and efficient. 

Q2. Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Famous?

Mechanical keyboards are mainly famous for their individual keys and switch types, which leave a remarkable impact on the users.  

Q3. Are Mechanical Keyboards Loud?

Not all mechanical keyboards are loud. Sometimes it depends on the type of switches that have been used beneath the keys. Clicky switches are mostly loud by design. However, tactile and linear switches are primarily constructed to enable a faster-typing experience. 

Q4. Is Mechanical Keyboard Smooth?

Yes, some keyboards are smooth in design as they are manufactured using linear and tactile switches. 

Q5.What Can Damage A Mechanical Keyboard?

These keyboards are designed with special switches to make them durable. But it’s still can be damaged due to some reasons like spilling liquid items, forgetting to clean, smashing, or accidentally compressing under high objects. If you accidentally spill things on your keyboard, you can look into spill-resistant keyboards on the Rapoo website. 


Now that you know what a mechanical keyboard is, you don’t need to stick around those boring slow keyboards. We have mentioned some great keyboards with different switches so you get the one you prefer the most.


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