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Ergonomic Mouse

Being a more natural fit to the human hand, the Ergonomic mouse promotes a better wrist posture allowing you to stay productive for longer durations. Rapoo’s Ergonomic mouse is shaped to fit your palm and wrist with a firm grip, thus reducing the stress and fatigue that comes from using the regular mouse.

Rapoo M650 Silent Multi-mode Wireless Mouse

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Rapoo M650 brown
Rapoo M650 Cream White
Rapoo M650 Dark Grey
Rapoo M650 Pink
Rapoo M650 Purple
Rapoo M650 White
Rapoo M650 Yellow

Rapoo M650 brown, Rapoo M650 Cream White, Rapoo M650 Dark Grey, Rapoo M650 Pink, Rapoo M650 Purple, Rapoo M650 White, Rapoo M650 Yellow

Rapoo V360 – IR Gaming Optical Mouse

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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 cm

Rapoo M100 Silent

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Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18.5 × 8 cm

M100-Silent-Blue, M100-Silent-Grey, M100-Silent-Red

Rapoo M300

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 16 × 7 cm

Rapoo-M300-Blue, Rapoo-M300-Dark-Grey, Rapoo-M300-Light_Grey

Rapoo M500

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Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 7 cm

Rapoo-M500-Black, Rapoo-M500-Blue, Rapoo-M500-Grey, Rapoo-M500-Red

Advantages Of Ergonomic Mouse

One tiny tool like a mouse can affect your quality of gaming experience in ways you never imagined. Switching to an Ergonomic mouse can make you more productive and energetic.

More Comfortable

An ergonomic mouse is built with an optimised angle to enhance the comfortability factor of the palm and fingers. It provides a higher degree of support to your muscles while you are deeply involved in your work. It is especially beneficial for individuals who have joint inflammation or strain injury.

Improves Posture

With a natural grip, the right ergonomic mouse eases the muscle fatigue in your hand and wrist. Rapoo M500 is an ergonomically designed mouse that results in the best hand feeling while using the mouse.

Reduce Pressure On Wrist

Using a regular mouse for a prolonged time increases the risk of hand stiffness due to its design. But an ergonomic mouse reduces the pain and pressure that can cause numbness in fingers and loss of hand flexibility. An ideal ergonomic mouse concisely fits your hand and gives the utmost comfort to your palm and fingers.

Increases Focus

Since you are more comfortable with the mouse, you tend to focus more on your work than worrying about wrist pain or discomfort. Whether you are engrossed in office work or an intense gaming session, Rapoo’s collection of Ergonomic mouse is designed to suit your specific needs.

Ergonomic Mouse Price In India

Sr. NoErgonomic Mouse CostPrice
1Rapoo M650 Silent Multi-mode Wireless Mouse₹1,249.00
2Rapoo M500 Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse₹1,199.00
3Rapoo M300 Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse₹1,399.00
4Rapoo M100 Silent Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse₹899.00
5VT300S Ergonomic Gaming Mouse₹3,999.00
6Rapoo V360 – IR Gaming Optical Mouse₹2,899.00
7RAPOO VT200 Dual-Mode (Wired / Wireless) Gaming Mouse₹2,699.00
8RAPOO V16 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse₹999.00

Types Of Ergonomic Mouse

There are 5 distinct Ergonomic mouse types, each offering its unique benefit.
  • Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

    This variation of the Ergonomic mouse encourages neutral hand position. When holding a regular mouse, your fingers need to grip the mouse, causing stress to your wrists. But with a Vertical Ergonomic mouse, the buttons are on the sides while the wrist is in a vertical position. You only need a light press to click the buttons without moving your entire arm while scrolling.
  • Trackball Ergonomic Mouse

    The trackball Ergonomic mouse is perfect for gamers as its design is similar to the analog joystick of a standard PS. It enables you to scroll with your thumb or wrist, eliminating the shoulder strain and pressure from your forearm. They require less effort and can be used on slightly uneven surfaces.
  • Roll Bar Ergonomic Mouse

    This type of Ergonomic mouse is one of the latest innovative mouse designs and is ideal for professionals who are better at typing than clicking. Instead of moving and gripping like a regular mouse, you roll and slide a bar. Unlike a standard mouse where you click, a roll bar ergonomic mouse lets you tap the bar for clicking purposes. You don’t need to extend your arms to reach the mouse, which prevents stiff shoulders while working long hours.
  • Contoured Ergonomic Mouse

    The contoured Ergonomic mouse features three click buttons with small gaps to accommodate the natural bumps on your fingers, allowing you to rest your hand on it. Its design is similar to a human palm and is intended to boost your productivity and efficiency. It facilitates easier clicking, superior grip, and saves time with the extra click buttons and streamlined slides.
  • Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

    It is a small-size, low-weight ergonomic mouse that promotes natural movements while scrolling and swiping. A Sculpt Ergonomic mouse is aesthetically appealing with a miniature click design that boosts your scrolling speed. It is ideal for working professionals who wish to have a smooth mouse experience while browsing through a desktop or laptop.

How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Mouse?

Choose a mouse that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Consider these factors when selecting your Ergonomic mouse.
  • Comfortability Of Hand

    The Ergonomic mouse you choose should fit your palms adequately. A large or small-sized mouse can cause unwanted strain and discomfort.
  • Grip Style

    An irregular grip in using your mouse can cause unnecessary tension in your wrist. If you have larger hands, a palm grip-styled ergonomic mouse is recommended.
  • Wired Or Wireless

    Your purpose of using the mouse will decide whether a wired or cordless Ergonomic mouse is an ideal fit.
  • Scroll Positioning

    Whether you prefer to use your pointer finger or thumb for scrolling purposes, you can accordingly choose the respective type of Ergonomic mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ergonomic Mouse

Q1. Does An Ergonomic Mouse Make A Difference?

Studies have shown that using Ergonomic mouse can drastically reduce the chances of acquiring Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, muscle strain, and scarring at the wrist.

Q2. What Is The Point Of Using An Ergonomic Mouse?

Ergonomic mouse are designed to give a better scrolling experience than the traditional mouse. It demands fewer movements of your wrist and hand, thus boosting your productivity and making it easier to work longer hours.

Q3. How To Connect An Ergonomic Mouse?

Switch on the Ergonomic mouse. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and look for ‘Bluetooth and Devices.’ Click on ‘Add a Device’ and then click ‘Bluetooth.’ Your Ergonomic mouse name should appear. Once it gets connected, click ‘Done.

Q4. How Does Ergonomic Mouse Help Prevent Health Risks?

An Ergonomic mouse has an advanced design that seems more natural to fit the human hand. It reduces the range of motion necessary to operate the mouse and allows you to naturally extend your arm and wrists.

Q5. Do Ergonomic Mouses Need Wrist Rest?

Although not a compulsion, using a wrist rest with an Ergonomic mouse can support your hand in a more natural position and allow you to work comfortably for long hours.

Q6. Can You Play With An Ergonomic Mouse?

Since Ergonomic mouse are comfortable, and their shape is good for the wrists, it results in a stable gaming experience. That is why many gamers prefer using this type of mouse for their gaming sessions.

Q7. Is Vertical Mouse Ergonomic?

Yes. The vertical mouse is a type of Ergonomic mouse. It encourages you to work faster while reducing damage to your wrist muscles, similar to an Ergonomic mouse.