Different Types Of Mouse

There has been a breakthrough in the technology of different types of computer mouse that are compatible with other operating systems and hardware. Along with the wired mouse, many kinds of mouses are used today with laptops, tablets, computers, etc. 

What Are Some Of The Different Varieties Of Mouse?

Since the first invention in 1963, computer mouse have evolved based on ergonomics, mechanisms, aesthetics, functions, etc. 

Mechanical Mouse 

The mechanical mouse has a large rubber ball that controls the on-screen pointer, which is the main component of the mouse, also called the ball mouse. Most wired mice nowadays are optical or laser mice connected through USB cables. 

Thanks to USB connectivity, we could connect the mouse to any available port. Then there’s the wireless mouse, which eliminates the need for cords. Finally, with technological advancements, we moved on to optical and LED mouse with Bluetooth connectivity for convenience. 

Optical & Laser Mouse

The optical mouse is reliable and does not require cleaning, making it perfect for students and everyday office use. In addition, a wired optical mouse like the Rapoo N200 comes in two primary colours with 1600 DPI and an ambidextrous, affordable design. 

One kind of optical mouse, known as a “laser mouse,” uses laser light to track the user’s hand. Since the laser mouse has no internal moving components, it is far more precise than a regular LED optical mouse. As a result, it is excellent for games where precision is essential and for visual and engineering design where every millimetre counts.

Wireless Mouse

There are two types of wireless mouse: Bluetooth and a wireless mouse with a USB dongle. 

This is one of the types of mouse millennials use at work and in classrooms. A USB receiver, hooked into the computer and receiving signals from the wireless mouse, is a standard method for connecting a laptop to a wireless mouse.

The Bluetooth wireless mouse is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to the dongle wireless mouse format. Since most laptops integrate Bluetooth (often a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card), you won’t need extra USB receiver modules. In addition, the Bluetooth mouse is used immediately after being turned on, synced, or with a laptop.

You can opt for a multi-mode wireless Bluetooth mouse, the Rapoo M300, compatible with Bluetooth 3, 4, and 2.4 GHz via a USB. It is perfect for office use as it is ergonomically designed with smooth cursor control. 

The portable, multi-function mouse is great for use in any situation. This mouse is an excellent investment for students because it is affordable and indispensable for completing assignments and presentations on the go. 

Gaming Mouse

The most well-known and widely-used type of mouse for video games is a gaming mouse. There are different types of computer gaming mice available on the market. Among the features we can quickly list are programmable buttons, increased sensitivity, weight customization, and increased speed. In addition, they enhance mice’s performance, facilitating faster reflexes and smoother motions. 

To reduce lag when gaming, most people use wired mice; however, high-quality wireless gaming mice are also available, and many boast of having low latency. Gamers and graphic designers must try Rapoo’s VT200 dual-mode gaming mouse, which can be used with accurate navigation via a wired or wireless method.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Type Of Mouse Is Mostly Used?

A wired USB mouse is the most commonly used on a desktop or laptop. The reason is that a USB mouse is reliable, durable, and less expensive than a wireless Bluetooth mouse. 

Q2. What Are Different Mouse Uses?

When used with a laptop or a touch screen laptop, a mouse is much more convenient to use than the touchpad of a laptop. Other mouse uses include 

  1. Drag and drop
  2. Pointer
  3. Scroll
  4. Double-click on programs
  5. Open and close folders, and programs. 

Q3. What Type Of Device Is A Mouse?

A mouse is an input device that allows you to control the pointer’s movement on the screen. The small hand-held device makes it easier for a user to navigate and interact with on-screen computer data. 

Q4. How Does A Mouse Help Us?

A mouse allows you to do your tasks quickly by controlling the cursor on the screen and helps you navigate different apps and files easily. Additionally, it provides great precision and speed. 

Q5. Is Mouse A Optical Device?

An optical mouse is a type of mouse that uses LED light to illuminate a surface like glass to detect movement and motion. It is an advanced pointing device that has replaced the traditional mechanical mouse on the market. The sealed bottom does not accumulate dust and hence does not require cleaning.


So, we have explained all the different types of mouse frequently used by people nowadays. Mouse price in india starts from ₹399. From All these different types of computer mouse will help you buy a quality mouse based on price, performance, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Online gamers have a lot of preferences when it comes to mouse. They must have a say in the loadout, have complete freedom in setting their preferred DPI, and be free from latency concerns.


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