What Is ENC In Headphones?


The latest headsets and earphones come with loads of new features like long-lasting battery life, improved sound quality, BT connectivity, and others that make them more user-friendly. In contrast, ENC in headphones is one such unknown feature. What does this feature do? And how is it changing the headphone game for many brands and users?

Through this blog, we will solve all your queries related to ENC and help you better decide whether or not you should look for this feature when buying headphones. 

What Does ENC In Headphones Stand For?

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) is a feature in headphones that cancels or blocks any external ambient noise in the background to give users a better sound quality. ENC in headphones cancels out any unwanted background noise giving users improved sound quality in the headphones. 

ENC headphones have integrated chip in them that works with Intelligent Noise Algorithm. When you use an ENC headphone, this feature starts actively detecting low to medium-frequency sounds in the background. This feature can quickly filter up to 90% of the environmental noise, allowing users to attend calls and listening others without disturbance. 

Using an ENC earphone is extremely useful, especially for people who attend online meetings daily or gamers. All the background noises, like people chatting in the back, car horns, etc., can be easily detected and blocked using ENC headphones. Therefore, gamers can benefit widely from using these headsets. 

What Is The Difference Between ENC And ANC?

When buying headphones, you must have heard about Active Noise Cancellation or ANC. This feature is not the same as the ENC feature. ANC is a feature in earphones or headphones that cancels out any background noise for better hearing when watching movies or listening to songs. Yet you will think, what is the big difference? Here’s a better explanation:

  • ANC is majorly found in earphones without microphones. Any good quality headphones sold to users who want to enjoy better sound when listening to music or watching movies have ANC in them. 
  • ENC, on the other hand, is extremely useful when you want to hear the person on the other side of the call. 
  • ENC in headphones cancels out minimal noises in the background, while ANC cancels out noises that are up to 40dB and beyond. 
  • Gamers, people working from, etc., can benefit better from using ENC headphones. While travelers, commuters, or individuals who work in heavily noisy environments can switch to ANC headphones. 

But why should gamers look for an ENC feature in headsets when they can work with ANC headphones? Let’s get this better. 

Why Should Gamers Switch To ENC Headphones?

Gamers can use either ENC or ANC headphones, but for most reasons, as the gaming music is already loud, they do not require ANC headphones. Also, ENC works better with the gaming environment. Here’s how:

Seamless Communication

The most critical purpose of ENC headphones is to provide users with seamless communication. ENC allows users to hear the other person on call without disturbance, making communicating extremely easy. Users or gamers who stream or play games with other gamers often connect through calls on Discord or other gaming platforms. 

Wearing an ENC earphone or headset would allow them to hear other gamers without any external disturbances. It favours the voice of the other person on the call. 

Great For Intensive Gaming

When playing multiplayer games, these headsets give gamers the best experience as they can hear each player distinctively. Gamers will not experience cracked or mixed signals when playing using these headsets. Battle games with loads of team players are much more immersive with ENC headphones. The ENC chip also prevents auditory canal failures that may happen due to extended hours of gameplay. 

Improved Comfort

Another key feature is that players can control the level of noise resistance through their headsets. ENC in headphones allows users to experience better comfort and irritation-free gaming sessions as they experience no lag or glitches in other players’ voices.  

So if you’re thinking of investing in an ENC headphone, Rapoo’s VH710 will give the best ENC experience and stable sound quality during gaming calls. With several other features and customisable voice modes, it will undoubtedly give you the ultimate gaming experience. 


Ultimately, looking for the feature of ENC in headphones has become extremely useful if you’re looking from a gaming perspective. These headphones are the best for seamless connectivity and a more immersive experience. When playing multiplayer games, ENC headphones will undoubtedly make your gaming experience with other gamers more enjoyable. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is best ANC or ENC?

It entirely depends on the environment you are in. ANC is the best for you if you’re in a noisy place. If you play games in a relatively quiet place, ENC will work great. 

Q.2 Does ENC improve call quality?

ENC improves the overall calling experience by reducing background noises in your recordings, giving you better listening and hearing quality. 

Q.3 What is the difference between passive and ENC headsets?

Passive earphones have noise canceling enabled in the seal of the ear’s canal, while ENC headsets come with technology that cancels background sounds.

Q.4 Which headphones has the best ENC?

Rapoo VH130 Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headset is the best ENC headphone in the current market. 

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