Headset Vs Headphone – Difference between Headphones and Headset

The headsets and headphones look similar and function similarly, but some differences are worth knowing. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for differences between headphones and headsets for audio output or gaming setup. Our guide for headset vs. headphones will help you decide on aspects based on their distinct features. 

Over the years, plenty of devices have been available that fall under the category of headphones. In addition, there are multiple types of headphones: on-ear, over-ear, earphones, wired or wireless headphones, etc. You can choose based on quality, budget, and requirements. 

The millennials and Gen-Z are constantly looking for headphones and headsets, as they play an incredibly vital function in their lives. Music is integral to the Gen-Z crowd, whether they’re waiting for the train, hanging out with friends, or even avoiding their mother’s scolding. Headphones have multiple uses. 

What Are Headphones?

Headphones are mini versions of loudspeakers attached to a simple band worn over the head. They are cushioned earpieces that sit comfortably over the head. Headphones typically cover both ears and are preferred over speakers because of their superior clarity and detail. You can listen to music and block background noise. 

Earphones fall under the umbrella of headphones. Design, portability, and sound quality are all factors that set headphones and earphones apart. Earphones are more portable than headphones because they are smaller, lighter, and easier to carry. Conversely, headphones are larger and sit outside the ear, enclosing the entire ear. 

So, for the headphones and earphones difference, you must also look at convenience. If you are a fitness freak, earphones are not for you, as they can restrict movement and cause inconvenience as they sit directly in the ear canal, which can be bothersome for many. 

What Are Headsets?

A pair of headsets have a microphone attached to them. Headsets are versatile in their usage. They are perfect for playing games online and are extensively used for work calls. For example, VoIP (voice over IP communications) lets you listen to calls and prevents background noise. 

The built-in microphones in some headsets are detectable, bendable, flexible, and movable and can be wired or wireless. For example, Rapoo’s VH610 Wired Gaming Headset is a fantastic example of a gaming headset that can host high-definition calls with teammates. In addition, 7.1 virtual surround sound provides an exceptional audio experience for gamers. 

Now, if you compare headset vs. earphones, it ultimately boils down to user experience and preference. For example, when working out, running, or lifting weights, earphones might not be the best option. However, recently launched earbuds provide a superior listening experience to traditional headphones. In addition, earbuds are popular among college students because they are lightweight, compact, and won’t mess up their hairdos like headphones. 

Headset Vs. Headphones: Basic Differences

Now that you know what each term refers to, let us break down headphone and headset differences in this leg of the blog. 

Quality: Audio And Build

The sound quality of a gaming headset starkly contrasts with that of regular headphones. This is because the primary function of headphones or a headset is to provide excellent sound quality. 

Not that mid-range headphones do not provide good sound output. But headsets have the best in-built mic for clear voice quality, making them perfect for Zoom meetings and work-from-home calls. 

Similarly, high-quality headphones with a plush ear cup cushion are more long-lasting than low-quality ones. High-quality materials mean gamers and graphic designers can wear their gear for longer without experiencing discomfort. 


A wide variety of devices are compatible with wired headphones. However, there is only one audio output standard: the 3.5-millimetre port on computers, monitors, tablets, and game consoles. Wireless headsets need a device with a USB connection to function, but corded headsets may be used with almost any computer. 


When two headsets are of comparable quality, the wired one will always cost less. The lower cost of corded headsets may be attributed to their more straightforward build and reliance on older technologies. On the other hand, wireless headphones need a dongle and employ more sophisticated transmission and reception technologies. 

While on the other hand, gaming headsets with multiple programmable buttons will cost more for convenience and compatibility for any console. 


Long story short, the only difference in convenience is the attached microphone on the headset. Due to their versatility, headsets are used by gamers, pilots, and graphic designers as they come in one package. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Do We Need Headset?

A headset offers good-quality sound with noise-canceling features, which helps you be more productive as the distraction in the background reduces. In addition, you need a headset, as they provide extreme mobility and comfort. 

Q2. What Is One Advantage Of Using Headset?

A good headset will provide you with great sound and music quality with comfort for the ears, as the cushioned earpiece will allow you to use the headset for a longer duration without any aches and pains. Also, it provides a superb hands-free experience while exercising or working. 

Q3. Is Headset Good Or Bad?

There is no issue with using a headset. An over-ear headset is better any day than earbuds or in-ear headphones. You can enjoy listening to audio even at lower volumes, as it controls the background noise better. Additionally, the headset prevents any damage or loss of hearing. 

Q4. How Do You Properly Use A Headset?

To properly wear a headset, place it comfortably over your head so that each ear cup covers your ear. You can adjust the headband and ensure it properly fits in the ear canal for an immersive music experience if required. 

Q5. Do Headphones Reduce Noise?

Yes, headphones do reduce noise. It prevents unwanted noise from reaching your ears and cancels outside sound frequencies. The active noise reduction technology acts like an audio barrier and is becoming a part of everyday life, allowing you to listen to podcasts and audiobooks at lower volumes. 


The significant differences between the headset vs. headphone debate are price, convenience, and quality. But, again, it comes down to individual taste and practicality. A headphone’s noise-cancelling features are ideal if you’re just a typical college student. In contrast, the Rapoo VH710 Gaming headset would be an excellent pick if you plan to use it primarily for playing video games on consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 5.


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