Wired Vs Wireless Headphone

The discussion is never-ending, but it all depends on your preferences and budget. Nonetheless, to end the confusion, ask yourself a few questions to help you pick one: wired or wireless headphones based on their durability, sound experience, premium quality, etc. We are here to evaluate each headphone’s pros and cons and mention the key factors distinguishing them from others.

Bluetooth Vs Wired Headphones: Which Is Better (A Complete Guide)

The way you look for some features when buying your brand new phones, you have to do the same here. Once you know the pros and cons of each, choosing one will become easy for you. 

Sound Quality

As we mentioned, wireless headphones seem to be fine until you travel. The wireless device does give you an untangled experience but with some interference. These devices face frequency issues while travelling and provide degraded audio quality. Whereas wired headphones don’t hinder your music experience, you can listen to songs untroubled. 

Battery Lifespan

Owning wireless headphones can be a little frustrating if you forget to charge your devices before stepping out. This is because these headphones need a battery to function. However, wired headphones do not require a battery to work. So you can plug them in anytime to listen to your favourite songs with satisfactory sound quality. Our VH310 Virtual 7.1 Channels Headset is an ideal choice with a noise-cancellation feature for daily use. 


Both headphones are portable and can be carried everywhere. However, their portability sometimes depends on the circumstances and your location. For example, if you are out jogging or running, wired headphones won’t help you much. Wireless headphones are an ideal option in such situations since they also allow you to take calls hassle-free even without a phone, which wired headphones are incapable of. 


Compatibility is one of the most critical factors to consider before buying the headphones. Sometimes it also depends on your smartphone whether the headphone will be compatible. Some wired brand headphones are incompatible with iPhones, for example. Speaking of wireless headphones, they connect to every device through Bluetooth. But they must be charged and keep to a distance of 10 meters at least to listen to music effortlessly. 

Product Price 

The product cost for wired and wireless headphones depends on the brand and location from where you are purchasing them. However, since it depends on the shop and brand, wireless headphones are mainly more expensive than wired ones. Even though wired headphones are a little tacky but buying them is budget-friendly to common people. 


The last parameter to decide whether you buy wired or wireless headphones is accessibility. The wired device usually has a max 6 feet cable to connect with your smartphone. So even if your phone/ computer is across from you on the table, the cable will still provide good sound. If you enjoy gaming, you have to use the Rapoo VH610 Wired Headset. However, wireless headphones should be between 30 feet. You could experience the sound breaking if you create a distance greater than the specified number of feet. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Are More Durable, Wired Or Wireless Earphones?

The durability of earphones depends on their features and the condition it has been used. If you use Rapoo VH710 or any wired headset, it can last up to 2-4 years. On the other hand, wireless headphones or earphones last 1 or 2 as their battery life decreases over time. 

Q2. Do Wired Or Wireless Headphones Have Better Sound Quality?

Comparatively, wired headphones give better sound quality as they do not lose the radio frequency while travelling, like wireless headphones. 

Q3. Are Wired Headphones Safer?

Since wired headphones do not send radio frequency waves, it is considered safer than wireless headphones. This is one of the reasons why it’s durable for a longer time. 

Q4. Do Wireless Headphones Need To Be Charged?

Yes, wireless headphones must be charged as they run out of battery and need constant power to function. 

Q5. How Long Do Wireless Headphones Last?

Approximately the lifespan of wireless headphones is two years. However, it can last longer if you keep them in good condition. 



The differences mentioned above will help you narrow your search according to your budget and other preferences. Both our products, wired and wireless headphones, are built with premium quality sound and accessibility. So, if you are still unsure, check out our website for more product descriptions.



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