Introducing the Next Level of Control – Rapoo MT760L

This mouse has good design, M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, with strong and best performance. It prioritizes the needs of users, and also offers added value in wireless business computing. It also facilitates seamless cooperation among devices in diverse scenarios, it heralds a new era of broad technological accessibility.

Apart from the impressive M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, what other notable features does the Rapoo MT760L offer?

The Rapoo MT Business Office has outstanding features. It sets a new standard for sophistication. It gives next level experience when it comes to wireless technology. The M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology ensures a smart and seamless experience in various scenarios, including cross-screen operation and file transfer. The Hall magnetic induction side scroll wheel provides more precise and smooth scrolling control, while the 500,000-scale tactile aluminium alloy middle button scroll wheel enhances the user’s scrolling experience. It has Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, and 2.4G wireless multi-mode connectivity and enables quick switching among up to 4 devices. Also the mouse features a 4-level real-time DPI adjustment button for sensitivity customization and supports up to 8 programmable buttons. Rapoo MT760L is an ideal business office mouse, integrating all these functions seamlessly.

Rapoo’s Office Wireless Technology encompasses the innovative M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology and Multi-Mode Wireless Switching.

In the current information technology era, users no longer perceive product devices in terms of a singular function. With diverse office scenarios, multiple screens, and varied usage needs, maximizing capabilities for enhanced convenience and efficiency is essential. The MT760L, with its comprehensive technological advantages, delivers superior performance.

Rapoo has independently developed the M+ wireless cross-screen transmission technology. In 2.4GHz mode, the MT760L facilitates cross-computer operation control, file transfer, copying, pasting, and sharing of various files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF formats, and JPG images. This technological utility breaks down interaction barriers between devices, fostering an office environment characterized by “intelligence” and “convenience.”

Functional Implementation Requirements:

  • 1) Download and install the Rapoo MT760L driver on each PC device running Windows.
  • 2) Pair the mouse with each PC device, with each requiring the insertion of an M1M wireless receiver.
  • 3) Ensure that each PC device is connected to the same LAN network.


How can one ensure compatibility across multiple systems and support a broad array of devices?

The Rapoo MT760L offers support for three connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, and 2.4G wireless, characterized by low power consumption, minimal latency, and high efficiency. With the capability to swiftly connect and switch among up to four devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops, the MT760L facilitates seamless cross-screen collaboration. This is particularly beneficial for users engaged in projects that span multiple devices and collaborative tasks, like large-scale projects or design work.

Redefining comfort, the Rapoo MT760L centers on power and aesthetics. Featuring distinctive cut lines and a blend of materials that exude versatility and fluidity, the MT760L emphasizes ergonomic design. Its large hand-friendly shape prioritizes comfort and usability. The split-body design, with a higher left and lower right side, along with features like hard rubber sunburn-patterned buttons and a soft rubber top cover with extended large wings, offers a skin-like texture, anti-slip grip, and comfortable feel. The arch-shaped back forms the main skeleton, providing a full and supportive grip that conforms to the hand, making it suitable for extended office use. The extended and wide left-side finger rest, combined with streamlined textures, offers a harmonious and modern visual experience, ensuring a non-slip grip and comprehensive support for comfortable office work.

Available in three color schemes—Elegance Black, Mica Gray, and Rose Pink—these colors represent diverse possibilities in the business environment, providing additional options for creative expression.

The aluminum alloy Hall magnetic induction scroll wheel stands out as a key feature and adds a polished touch. Offering enhanced precision and smooth scrolling control, an extended lifespan, and a comfortable tactile feel, this scroll wheel enables effortless lateral movement within software applications like Excel and Photoshop. The middle scroll wheel, also crafted from aluminum alloy, boasts a lifespan of 500,000 cycles, ensuring you can fully appreciate the strength and accuracy of each rotation.

Rapoo MT760L: Unleashing Productivity for Unrestricted Creativity and Genuine Expression.

Comfort finds its foundation in internal performance support. The MT760L incorporates a high-performance engine with preset DPI options (600/1200/1600/3200), enabling effortless one-click adjustment for precision requirements. Enhanced tracking on diverse surfaces, such as leather, paper, and resin, is facilitated by a Teflon foot pad, capturing every movement accurately.

Boasting an 800mAh high-capacity lithium battery, coupled with Rapoo’s low-power chip and energy-saving technology, the Bluetooth mode delivers a continuous battery life of up to 150 hours. The MT760L supports wireless connectivity and features a USB-C charging port, ensuring a complete charge in just 3 hours.

In 2.4G mode, the MT760L mouse provides 8 customizable buttons, while in Bluetooth mode, 4 buttons are customizable. Compatible with dedicated drivers, it can be tailored to suit the functional requirements of daily office scenarios. Users have the flexibility to adjust button functions according to their needs, simplifying common applications and streamlining complex tasks with a single click.

In order to facilitate seamless collaboration across numerous screens and devices within a multi-screen usage scenario, the Rapoo MT760L multi-mode wireless mouse combines essential capabilities through the integration of software and hardware. With functionalities such as “Multi-mode wireless connectivity” and “M+ wireless cross-screen technology,” the mouse provides users with an “intelligent” and “convenient” interactive experience, offering practical smart office solutions.

Discover the enhanced convenience of office productivity with a simple click today.

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