How To Choose The Best Gaming Accessories For A PC?

In 2023 gaming has become such a vast sector. With loads of social media and streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and others, gamers have gotten the platform they have always dreamt of. This undoubtedly brings increasing competition in the field of gaming. To be the best, you need to have the best gaming accessories.

Through this blog, understand why you must have the best gaming accessories and what things you should consider when looking for one. We have also helped gamers choose the best options available in the market. 

What Are Gaming Accessories?

Gaming accessories are the hardware gamers use to smoothly play and stream video games. These accessories not only allow gamers to play games with greater ease but also enhance user experience. Gaming accessories includes gaming console like controllers, joysticks, gaming keyboards, mouse, headset, webcams and sound systems. 

Good PC gaming accessories enhance the gaming experience and also provide great comfort while playing. For example, high-resolution monitors give you better graphics and great visuals. Lately, PCs come with long screens that serve the purpose of two computers and give gamers an immersive experience. Similarly, plenty of new variations in gaming tools have made the whole industry flourish.

Factors You Must Look For In Gaming Accessories

You must look for some common factors for all the gaming gadgets you use. So let’s see what all things you must consider before buying any gaming accessory:


The first and foremost factor that you must consider is performance. For any gaming accessory, whether a mouse, keyboard or any other gadget, it is essential to check its performance. Gaming accessories must deliver excellent performance as they are used for long hours and precision. 

There are plenty of categories in which you can measure performance. For example, the Rapoo VT30 gaming mouse is best known for its anti-skid performance for a smooth gaming experience. 


The second important factor is the durability of any gaming gadget. When choosing accessories for a PC, any gamer wouldn’t like a device that breaks down occasionally. A sturdy product that gives unparalleled performance is a must. There are many wireless options in the market.

Wireless accessories not necessarily show less durability. Many wireless PC gaming accessories have long battery life for uninterrupted gaming sessions. 


When considering all the above factors, pricing is the next major thing. Since various products are available in the market, getting your hands on every product can be expensive. However, since many products are available, gamers can get similar specs at different prices.

If you’ve just begun your gaming journey, you can start by using gadgets that go easy on your pockets. Rapoo’s V16 wired optical gaming mouse is ideal for you. At less price, it gives you impressive gaming performance for starters. 

Must Have Gaming Accessories

Based on all the factors mentioned above, buying your first gaming gadget has become a little easier. But when it comes to computer gaming accessories, you must have all these gadgets to begin with. Remember, when choosing any gaming device, you must focus that your needs align with the type of gadget you’re buying. 

Gaming Mouse 

A gaming mouse is an indispensable device for any gamer. With a good gaming mouse, gamers can play games with great precision and control. When looking for the best PC accessories, one should look for a mouse that delivers accuracy, ergonomic design and good endurance. The VT300S stands out on all these specifications and has become a top choice for many gamers.

Remember, users can enhance the performance of a gaming mouse by pairing it up with a proper mousepad. Rapoo’s V1L Anti-skid fabric mousepad with a good durability surface will not only complement the performance of your mouse but also provide extra support for the best gaming experience. 

Gaming Keyboard

When listing accessories for a PC, gaming keyboards are another crucial element you shouldn’t overlook when choosing one. A top-quality full-sized gaming keyboard that has backlit keys for gaming in the dark is a must. In addition, these keyboards should have keys that are flexible and quick at response timings. 

With great reviews, the V500 Pro is a choice for many gamers. With a spill-resistant design and two years warranty, this keyboard also gives users customised backlight options. 

Gaming Monitor

If you’re willing to grow in the field of gaming, you need to have an advanced monitor. You must look into three things while buying a monitor; higher resolution, wider screen, and better refresh rate. Gaming monitor has become one of the most essential PC gaming accessories over the years with the rise in popularity of streaming. 

So if you want to upgrade your gameplay and make it more immersive, investing in a good monitor is the first step. 

Gaming Headset

Whether you’re just beginning your gaming career or are a seasoned gamer, you must have a good set of headsets. This has become an essential part of all gaming accessories one must have. This gives gamers an immersive experience and an edge over other gamers. There are games like PUBG, Battlefield, and Call Of Duty Warzone where gamers require good hearing to spot enemies. Here, a good-quality headset comes into play.  

Rapoo VH610 has 7.1 virtual surround sound to give gamers that immersive experience when playing all these games. While streaming, a gaming headset like the VH610 will give you and your viewers crisper sound quality. You can hear your fellow gamers better, which indirectly enhances gameplay. 


A gamepad is extremely handy for specific games where controlling the gameplay using a mouse and keyboard is difficult. Gamepads have also become vital PS4 accessories. Be it wired or wireless, a game controller should deliver excellent performance as it is used to make gaming more accessible and accurate. 

Unlike a wireless mouse, gamers lean more towards wireless gamepads as they are more convenient for gaming as they let users move and be comfortable when playing. 

Gaming Chair

Lastly, a comfortable and sturdy gaming chair is fundamental for gamers. Investing in an adjustable gaming chair is necessary as you are compelled to sit in front of screens for longer hours. This will allow you to sit and play for hours and comfort you while playing, keeping the gameplay undisturbed. 

Gaming chairs also make streamers look presentable while streaming games online. So investing in a good quality gaming chair that looks stylish will make your setup look more appealing to the audience. 


Ultimately investing in good-quality gaming accessories will be the best gear for climbing the gaming ladder faster. Buying the right gaming setup accessories that meet your needs will only improve your overall gameplay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What accessories do I need for a gaming PC?

Initially when you start gaming, you need to invest in primary gaming accessories like gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, and an HD monitor. 

Q2. Why gaming accessories are important?

Gaming accessories are essential as they enhance the gaming experience. If you want to grow in the gaming industry, you must get the necessary peripherals that will help you stay comfortable and focused for long hours.

Q3. How do you choose a better computer specifications for gaming?

Budding gamers must invest in a powerful gaming CPU that has a high-power processor and a video graphics card. More importantly, choosing gaming accessories compatible with your visual preferences and needs is recommended.  

Q4. How much does a good gaming setup cost?

A good gaming setup in India can cost anywhere from INR 70,000 to 80,000, depending entirely on the specifications you are looking for. 

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