How To Become A Gamer?

In 2023, gaming has become a profession for many. The gaming industry is expanding and giving platforms to loads of streamers and gamers. If you’re also looking for an inn in the sector and wondering how to become a gamer, then you’re at the right place. This blog gives you all the tips and tricks to become a successful gamer. 

So, let’s dive directly into learning how to become a gamer in 2023 successfully. 

Tips On How To Become A Gamer

To become a Pro gamer, you must have the personality and skills that push you ahead of your competitors. Primarily, you must enjoy playing games and have the determination and patience to keep pushing yourself even at the more challenging levels. To begin your journey, you must be thinking about how to become a professional gamer. Well, here’s the answer:

Start A Gaming Channel

The first call you must take is to start a gaming channel on YouTube. To turn yourself into a full-time gamer, you must have a platform to live stream and post content of your video games online.

Creating a gaming channel on YT is no different than creating a regular channel. Here are the steps on how to start a gaming channel and be an online gamer:

  1. Sign on to Google to continue on YouTube
  2. Click on your Profile picture on YT
  3. Now click on Create a channel
  4. Name your channel, give a unique handle name that is easy to remember, and add your profile picture.
  5. When done, click on “Create Channel.”

Following these easy steps, you can create a channel on YouTube and start your gaming journey. 

Invest In The Right Gaming Gear

If you’re wondering how to become a professional gamer, investing in good gaming gear is very important. In the beginning, you need not have to invest in fancy gaming equipment. You just need to find gaming accessories that fit your needs. 

Pick A Game

Curious about how to become a YouTuber gamer, then do what most gamers do: play a game that you’re great at. For starters, you must be able to show your audience how skillful you are. For that, you must be good at the game you’re playing. You can even do it the other way. Play a bunch of games that are trending and find your calling. 

Look what most audiences like and which game you’re good at. This way, you can establish your channel’s name, which will always be associated when a particular game is talked about. Many YouTuber gamers like Pewdiepie, Vikkstar, Ninja, Shroud, etc., became famous playing one kind of game for years. 

Join A Gaming Community

Open horizons and join a gaming community to keep up with the latest trends and tricks to play a specific game. You can connect with them on server platforms like Discord, where you can find gamers who play the same game as you do. This will give you the exposure you want to grow as a gamer. 


When you join a gaming community, you meet new fellow gamers with whom you can collaborate and play games. When thinking about how to become a YouTuber gamer, this will be extremely helpful as you can gain new viewers and subscribers and get popular faster. 

Live Streaming

If you want to know how to become a pro gamer, you must know about live streaming in detail. Live streaming on YouTube, Discord, and other game streaming platforms like Twitch will gain you viewers. This will also help you interact with your audiences and generate revenue through Superchat, Superlike, Stickers, and other monetary donations made while streaming. 

Get Sponsors 

Figuring out how to become a professional gamer and earn money? Well, getting paid as a gamer can be a little tricky in the beginning. You must consistently put out content and follow all the tips mentioned here to grow as a professional game. As you get recognised and maintain a good following, brands may reach out to you to promote their products. 

Build A Community

You can build your community over different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can stream privately for your fans who have subscribed to the community channel, take requests, and interact with them more closely. 

Keep Posting

As mentioned above, consistency is key. You need to upload and stream regularly to keep your fan community alive and thriving. This is very crucial if you’re thinking about how to start a gaming channel, as just starting and not being consistent won’t help. 

Why Investing In The Right Gaming Equipment Is Important?

Buying a high-performing gaming mouse, good quality mechanical gaming keyboard and ergonomic gaming chair is necessary. Along with all these, you must also invest in a headset with a microphone that gives good audio quality essential for streaming and playing with other gamers.

Investing in better gaming accessories will give you better graphics, faster refresh rates, and crisp sound quality that gives you a more immersive gaming experience. This also enhances your gaming performance and will help you control your gameplay better. 

Investing in a high-performing gaming mouse gives you customisable buttons that can be used to perform minor repetitive tasks quickly. These buttons can also be programmed to follow some gaming commands that can improve your gameplay. 

However, you must invest in gaming peripherals that match your requirements, budget, and performance. You can also invest in an ergonomic gamepad compatible with Playstation, PC, or other gaming consoles for better control while playing certain games.


Hopefully, we have solved all your queries regarding how to become a gamer in 2023. You need not have to start big to get successful in the gaming industry. The only things that are required are passion, skills, determination to play games, and enjoy what you do naturally. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a gamer?

Being a gamer in 2023 is a lucrative career that many teens are approaching because of consumers’ high demand for gaming videos. 

Is it good or bad to be a gamer?

Young people benefit significantly from being a gamer as they show improved memorisation and problem-solving abilities. However, excessive gaming can have adverse effects on your health. 

How popular is gaming in India?

According to, India shows an 8% increase in the gaming industry, with approximately 442 million active online gamers in the country in 2023. 

Do you need qualifications to be a gamer?

No, to be a good gamer, you just need to have problem-solving skills and good experience in controlling gamepads. 

Is gaming a good career for girl?

Gaming is a good career option for anyone, regardless of gender. About 84% of females consider gaming a potential career for themselves. 

How much gamers earn?

On average, gamers earn up to 7 Lakh IND rupees yearly in India. This entirely depends on how you monetise your gaming career. 

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